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Your Comprehensive Guide to the Capital’s Best Healthy Dishes

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Your Comprehensive Guide to the Capital’s Best Healthy Dishes
    written by
    Sherif Khairy

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    Following a diet with a busy working schedule is tough, it’s difficult to maintain a stable schedule for your meals, and it’s even harder to find healthy dishes. Preparing your own food at home is not always an option, and while it may work at times, at others you’ll be faced with the inevitable option of eating out. So if you’re watching your weight, or looking to keep your meals healthy and nutritious, these are the go-to dishes for guilt-free meals at Cairo’s best restaurants.

    Salmon Salad by Crave

    Smoked salmon is one of the most delicious healthy meats one could have. Its versatility and ability to be incorporated into different dishes make it even better. Crave’s Salmon Salad (96 EGP) is one of the best salmon salads there is. A bed of rucola topped with mushrooms, parmesan cheese, avocado, and a special dressing make it quite tasty. You can also go for their Chicken Quinoa Salad (85 EGP). As for main plates, their Grilled Chicken (105 EGP) and Herb & Fereek Chicken (115 EGP) are the way to go.

    Apple Chicken Salad by Ovio

    Ovio is known for their hearty artisan food, but they also have delicious healthier options to keep you satisfied and guilt-free. One of their best offerings is the Apple Chicken Salad (98 EGP). It’s a lettuce base with plenty of chicken, walnuts, and apple slices, topped with parmesan cheese. The ingredients work perfectly together, and the lemon vinegar dressing brings the whole plate together.

    Fermière Salad by Paul

    Paul functions as a bakery and patisserie as well as a restaurant, and it plays all these roles with ease. From Paul’s salad menu, you can opt for the Fermière Salad (99 EGP) to get an authentic French experience of a delicious and healthy meal. It has lettuce, walnuts, apples, raisins, carrots, and honey-mustard grilled chicken, all topped with Parmesan cheese. Sweet, crunchy, tasty, and not too high on calories.

    Whole Rotisserie Smoked Chicken by Sanos

    Sanos offers a ton of food options all with an eye on being healthy. Even their burgers are served in special bread to be healthier. While they have a ton of healthy salad options, our favourite is still their Whole Rotisserie Smoked Chicken (165 EGP). It’s perfect for sharing, and if you get it with the quinoa rice with vermicelli, your day will be made.

    Sizzler Grilled Fillet by Sizzler

    Steak gets a bad rap for being unhealthy. But if you choose the right cut with minimal fat, and opt for healthy sauce and side dishes, your meal will be delicious and guilt-free. One of the best places to offer healthy steaks in town is Sizzler Steakhouse. Their Sizzler Grilled Fillet (175 EGP) is a filling, 340-gram piece of meat that is cooked to perfection. You can get it with a side of sautéed vegetables and baked potatoes for a healthy meal.

    Grilled Chicken Hummus Wrap by Lyfe

    Lyfe is one of the best Cairo restaurants that specialise in offering healthy options. Their atmosphere is brilliant, and they offer tasty, refreshing smoothies and unique antioxidant shots. But for a filling meal, go for the Grilled Chicken Hummus Wrap (70 EGP). The wrap itself is tasty on its own, and the chicken is perfectly cooked, plus the side of baked potatoes is just the right amount of crispy to complement the wrap.

    Spinach Ravioli by Sea Salt Bakery

    Sea Salt Bakery is one of Egypt’s few vegan restaurants, and it does a tremendous job at perfecting their trade. To know what we’re talking about, try their Spinach Ravioli (84 EGP) with vegan white sauce. This is truly one of the best comfort vegan foods there is in Cairo.

    Be Smoothie Bowl by Be Good to You

    Founded by fitness guru and BeFit founder, Ali Mazhar, Be Good to You offers delicious vegan dishes and guilt-free desserts. They have delicious options such as their Feel Good Fish Tacos (110 EGP) as well as their dairy and gluten-free Skinny Benedict (88 EGP). But perhaps what sets them apart is their desserts. Our favourite is the Be Smoothie Bowl (55 EGP), it looks amazing, the ingredients are fresh, it tastes so sweet and delicious, and still is as healthy as you’d like.