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Yumamia: Revolutionary Online Community Connecting Hungry Cairenes with Home Cooks

Yumamia: Revolutionary Online Community Connecting Hungry Cairenes with Home Cooks
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The world of food is as prone to following trends and fads as much as anything – none more so than in Cairo. One of said trends, which has existed for the last few years, is the gimmick of home-cooked food. Many a restaurant in Egypt’s capital have adopted the label and failed to live up to it; something that revolutionary online service, Yumamia, is making a thing of the past.

Connecting cooks and chefs with hungry Cairenes, Yumamia is described as an online home-cooked food sharing community – but it’s really much simpler than it sounds. Essentially, Yumamia lets you order home-cooked meals from home cooks across Cairo; you browse, you order, you pay, you eat.

Outside of the fact that it has opened up a world of different home-dining options to the city, Yumamia is also proving  to be a valuable resource for amateur chefs, an increasing number of whom already operate exclusively online – be they bakers, caterers or just cooking addicts. As one of the most unique platforms to emerge in Egypt’s online community since launching in March of 2014, Yumamia’s website even provides cooking and food photography tips for its cooks, who can sign up with few complications.

One of the website’s biggest accomplishments is how user-friendly it all is. Each cook has his or her own page, which features its menu, working days and other vital titbits and you can fine tune your search with price, type of cuisine and more, including specific dietary requirements.

Yumamia currently operates in Cairo and Giza, with its roster of cooks growing by the week. Next on the list is Alexandria – think of all the homemade seafood. For more information, click here.

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