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Zooba Is Going Super Green!

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Zooba Is Going Super Green!
written by
Cairo 360

Through their official Facebook page, Zooba confirmed yesterday that they are going SUPER GREEN! You read that right folks, Zooba has announced that their food will be served fresh.

Taking pride in the wholesome, notorious, and unique ingredients and flavours that culminate in Egyptian cuisine, Zooba has astonished us over the past few years with their creative twists on Egyptian street food. Perhaps, a more recent surprise was the news that Zooba was going international!

Speaking of surprises, the franchise has decided to get rid of their take-away refrigerators completely; indeed, Zooba realised that they were going through a whopping total of 350,000 plastic bottles and containers annually, thanks to the presence of the fridges which contain ready-to-go items and juices. After numerous brainstorming sessions on how to better protect the environment, Zooba emphasised that the decision of going 100% plastic-free wasn’t an easy one to implement across all their branches. Nevertheless, Zooba was keen on giving back to their community and the nation.

Other than that, Zooba felt that this decision was going to support them in their commitment to serving high-quality products, as they will now have to serve their products fresh on a daily basis!