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‎5 Egyptian Designers Who Offer Unique Jewellery Pieces
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    Dina Mokhtar

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    This piece is made especially for all jewellery lovers in town. We know you appreciate unique designs, so we’ve ventured to make you a list of 5 Egyptian designers who offer something different to add to your collection.

    Sarah Yasser – Ophelia Jewelry:                             

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    Yasser established her brand in 2020, offering various pieces that integrate 925 sterling silver, brass, 18 K white gold, and precious stones. So far, her collection is limited to earrings; however, the brand is soon to offer rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Check the website here.

    Farah Y. Radwan – Club by FYR:

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    Growing up between Cairo and Paris, Radwan offers both sexes a spectrum of pieces that are punk-culture inspired. Designed and prototyped in Paris, and crafted in Cairo, Club By FYR’s items are made using 925 Egyptian sterling silver, 18K gold, leather, and gemstones. Visit the website here.

    Farah Abdelhamid – fforfarah:

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    Carrying notes of traditional Egyptian elements, Abdelhamid’s contemporary designs are wearable art. Handcrafted by the designer herself, each piece is unique, especially as you can choose between a variety of finishes. The pieces are mainly made of sterling silver and gold plated brass, yet some items include 18K gold, glass, and stones. Check the website here.

    Sarah Zaki – Sarah Zaki Jewelry Designs:

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    Zaki’s versatile collection of sterling silver jewellery is derived from nature as well as traditional Egyptian motifs and elements. Abstract lovers will also find a range of items to choose from. You can shop for Zaki’s designs through

    Farida Abushady – Farida Abushady Jewelry:


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    From minimalistic designs to Ancient Egypt inspired pieces, Abushady’s vast collection carries various influences that cater to all tastes. Handcrafted by artisans from countries like Egypt, Indonesia, and India, Abushady’s pieces are mostly made of 950 sterling silver, while some items are gold-plated brass. Check the website here.