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5 Grocery Delivery Apps to Revolutionize Shopping in Cairo

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5 Grocery Delivery Apps to Revolutionize Shopping in Cairo
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    Aminah Keevy

    Image credit: The Considerate Consumer

    You know those days when you need to restock the pantry, fill up the fridge, and formulate some kind of meal plan for the week? What about those days when you can’t bear to leave the house? Sometimes that’s just how life is. Fret no more! We have a handy-dandy list of grocery delivery services ready for you to use! Even better, say goodbye to phone-call anxiety because these businesses operate through online applications. That’s right. Prepare to be amazed by these five grocery apps:


    The one-stop supermarket for all your essentials, Breadfast delivers groceries, household supplies, and personal-care kits. They guarantee fresh products and, as an added bonus, their baked goods are produced-daily! With options for delivery within 60 minutes or scheduled times, Breadfast makes shopping so much easier! Try the app today!

    Via Breadfast


    Bringing premium produce directly from local farms, ElMazr3a serves as an online farmers market. Where only the highest-quality products are selected and delivered to your doorstep, they supply all sorts of groceries, baked goods, and household supplies. Check out the app on Google Play and Mac App Store!

    Via ElMazr3a


    Similar to subscription-grocery services abroad, GoodsMart opens the door for item selection and next-day delivery of your grocery box. With no delivery fees or minimum order requirement, the extra cost of GoodsMart only shows up in the subscription fee! Options for subscription include 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. Download the app here!

    Via Injaz Egypt


    InstaShop offers direct delivery from supermarkets, grocery stores, pet stores, and pharmacies. They even include available payment options and an estimate of the delivery time for each establishment, making it easier to choose the best store for you! InstaShop serves Cairo, Alexandria, the North Coast and Mansoura 一 and they have an app!

    Via Wuzzuf


    We all know Talabat delivers the goods from the restaurants we love, but they also have a grocery service worth utilising as well! Talabat makes household items, fruit and veg, and pharmaceuticals more accessible with straightforward ratings and helpful information about delivery times and payment methods. Download the app here!