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5 Local Clean Skincare Brands We Love

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5 Local Clean Skincare Brands We Love
written by
Rawya Lamei
Image via Teal Skincare

People are becoming increasingly aware of the products they’re using on their skin, as many skincare professionals have been using their online platforms to debunk harmful products and skincare myths. From this, the “clean beauty” movement was born, and the term is used to describe brands and products that are free of harmful ingredients like parabens or sulphates. In the past few years, Egyptian brands have also begun to implement “clean” elements to their brands, with some even being born out of this movement. Here are five Egyptian clean skincare brands that are worth checking out.


Clementine Organics

Image via Instagram

Run by certified skincare consultants, Clementine Organics is a brand that not only uses its platform to promote its products but also to educate its audience about skincare. Rather than promise a magical cure-all product, their products target specific issues that people commonly struggle with, using wonderful ingredients like hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. The best part about Clementine Organics is that they use their Instagram page to help people
build a healthy skincare routine based on their skincare concerns.


Image via Instagram

Here’s a brand that creatively blends skincare and makeup while using safe ingredients that professionals love. While their product list seems limited, this is because they have a vision to have makeup and skincare become one. Here’s how they’ve done it: their products consist of tinted moisturisers that also serve as sunscreen and are enhanced with hyaluronic acid, a great exfoliant, and niacinamide, which is a true miracle ingredient. An added benefit to their products is that they are vegan, cruelty-free, and safe to use during pregnancy.

Teal Skincare

Image via Instagram

Teal is a botanical skincare brand inspired by the sea’s wonderful effects on the skin. Founded by a certified skincare formulator, each of their products targets a specific skincare goal. They also have great non-skincare products like mosquito repellents and air fresheners. Why is this brand so special, though? Well, they’re extremely sustainable! Not
only are their ingredients incredibly environmentally friendly, but their packaging is also environmentally friendly. Once you’re done with a product, you can simply return the bottle when repurchasing! You can check out their website through this link.

Meraki Natural Care

Image via Instagram

Meraki is a brand that uses naturally sourced ingredients with proven benefits, like bakuchiol and marine collagen. Not only are their products extremely beneficial, but they are also highly inclusive. You can browse through their products depending on your skin type, as well as find products to help ease skin concerns and conditions like eczema or rashes. An added bonus: their products smell divine. You can check out their website through this link.

Rhea Beauty


A brand that is dedicated to giving us the most efficacious and safe cosmetics, Rhea Beauty is loved by all who’ve tried their products. They believe in the power of the most effective of active ingredients, like retinol or mandelic acid, to give your skin the most amazing glow and be healthy. Because they’re driven by a desire to help people see results, they not only use the right ingredients but very clearly state the way in which the products are to be used so as to maximise their effect.