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5 Products to Help You Embrace Your Natural Curls After Heat Damage

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5 Products to Help You Embrace Your Natural Curls After Heat Damage
written by
Malak Gharib
Image via Instagram

The journey back to embracing our natural curls after months or years of heat damage entails the dreaded transition phase. Unlocking the secret to gorgeous curls requires the right products tailored for this transformative period. In this guide, we recommend a selection of essential products designed to nourish and define curls that have had their fair share of heat damage. From moisture-rich masks to curl activators that actually work, these products are your allies in embracing your authentic, beautiful waves.


Plumpy Curls’ Curl Custard

Plumpy Curls’ is a brand by G Curls, a specialised curly hair salon. The brand has a range of styling, deep conditioning, and washing products. Plumpy Curls’ Curl Custard is a curl activator that works on heat-damaged hair, perfect for anyone transitioning to their natural curls. Add a generous amount into your hair post-shower and let the product work its magic, reviving your deeply missed waves.


The Bathland Hair Mask

The Bathland Hair Mask has gone viral throughout Egyptian TikTok feeds, and it should come as no surprise. The hair mask hydrates and moisturises enough to notice significant changes with frizz and curling patterns after the third wash. The product is also incredibly lightweight and doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy or weighed down.


Plumpy Curls’ Curl Enhancer

Paired with the curl activator, Plumby Curls’ Curl Enhancer keeps your curls intact for several days. It takes up your styling game a notch and locks the moisture into your hair for longer, keeping your curls from running amok and turning frizzy.


Locken’s Bring Me Back To Life Mask

Locken is known for its exceptional styling products, but one of its most underrated is the brand’s hair mask. The mask revives severely damaged hair and will make your transitioning journey much less difficult than it can otherwise be. The product reduces hair breakage and damage and controls curly hair, which is all you need during this period.


Truffles Go Curly Styling Gel

Truffles’ Go Curly Styling Gel is also an excellent option for styling. Helping to transition hair and enhance your curls to stay intact for a long as well as locking moisture, Truffles is your go-to for styling. Truffles’ products are also relatively affordable compared to other brands’ curly hair lines.