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5 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for 5 Types of Valentine

5 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for 5 Types of Valentine
written by
Dina Mokhtar

It only seems like yesterday that we were on the hard hunt for Christmas gifts, but alas, February has come along and with it another gift-centred occasion. We of course, speak of Valentine’s Day, which, compared to Christmas, is a much more complicated matter – you can’t get your significant other just anything.

Assuming you know your significant other well, here are a variety of ideas for the five different types of Valentine.

The Cheesy Valentine


Who said cheesy is bad? In fact, this is the only day when people are allowed to be all lovey-dovey! If your boo is the kind of classic valentine who wants to receive his/her gift wrapped in red and stamped with a heart, then head to Dokan Dapicture. The place not only offers an immense range of customized gifts that range between 180LE to 1000LE=plus , but it also delivers. 

Check Dokan Dapicture’s Facebook page.

The Nerdy Valentine


When bae is a bookworm, then drown him/her in a heap of books. But you can also encourage his/her literary skills by getting them one of those fancy notebooks from Paperblanks. From their exquisite hardcover designs to their quality paper, the beautiful notebooks are made to impress. Ranging from 125LE to 280LE according to their size and design, you can find them in Diwan Bookstores. Unless you are on a tight budget, you can also pair it with a fancy pen from Bakier’s collection, see here.

The Geeky Valentine


We didn’t know geeks had a heaven of their own until we stumbled upon OddBits Egypt, where you can find plenty of gadgets and items that any geek would fall for. Whether bae is a Starwars fanatic, or a Batman wannabe, you can plenty of gifts to get at reasonable prices. For example, a Game of Thrones Key chains is for 60LE, a laughing Emoji pillow is for 45LE and a Homer Simpson mug is for 60LE. These prices compel you to buy a bundle for your Valentine and yourself as well…what’s cuter than a matching pair of Joker key chains?

The Hipster Valentine


We know that your hipster boo was born to roam around the planet, so encourage his/her sense of adventure by getting them the right bag. And though they seem so down to earth and easy going, one thing we know for sure about hipsters is their unique taste. Thank God we have local brand, TUYA , which offers a wide range of genuine leather products for both sexes; from bags and wallets to notebooks, TUYA’s quality and style is sure to impress.

Check TUYA’s website, or its Faceebook Page.

The Sporty  Valentine


While you rant about how your bae cares about their gym time more than spending quality time with you, some partners daydream about their boo hitting to the gym, if only for once. Instead of ranting, check Sportmeter and get any one of of a number of accessories and equipment while they’re on sale.  For example, a set of exercise bands is 449LE instead of 479LE. We don’t claim to know what it actually does, but probably your Valentine knows better!

We tried our best to read your Valentine’s mind, but truth be told, it really doesn’t matter how impressive your gift is as long as it comes out from the heart – but that also doesn’t mean you get him/her whatever fills the gap. One final word: choose wisely!