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6 Phone Applications that Help You Save Money

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6 Phone Applications that Help You Save Money
written by
Arwa Hezzah

It’s always exciting to find new ways to save money, especially when money’s rather tight. Luckily, sometimes all it takes is the press of a button. These days, there are several apps you can download that give you offers and discounts on various products to help keep your savings in check. Here’s a list of six apps that will help you save money with minimum effort.

  1. RewardPay

RewardPay helps you find the best cashback offers and discounts for all your favourite brands. Through the app, you can find deals on top-notch products, including electronics, hotels, flights, home appliances, and food and drink. Moreover, you can get exclusive promo codes from the app that help you save money every day. You can also earn cashback rewards from e-commerce platforms such as Souq, Jumia, Ubuy,, and more.

  1. Xclusives

Owning an Xclusives Card is one of the ways you can save money on various products across Egypt. But what most don’t know is that you can also use the Xclusives app to complement your card and get maximum discounts and benefits. With the app, you can get over 35% discounts at over 3,000 different stores, including restaurants, clothing stores, cosmetics outlets, and even medical labs.

  1. WaffarX

WaffarX gives you the chance to get cashback offers for every purchase you make online. The app provides you with discounts and offers from various stores and outlets, including Amazon, Souq, eBay,, Jumia, and many more. You can access the store’s website through the WaffarX app to get your offers directly. The money you’ve saved is then added to your WaffarX account, and you can receive the money every three months through your preferred method. The app also allows you to earn money by making referrals to help other people save money too.

  1. Talabat

While Talabt is not your everyday discount app, it offers amazing discounts and offers from various food outlets. By downloading the Talabat app, you can order your food straight off your phone simply by clicking a few buttons. At the same time, you get various daily offers and promotions on the food you buy, allowing you to save money while enjoying your favourite meals.

  1. Discounti

Through Discounti, you can get hundreds of exclusive discounts delivered to you every day. Not only does the app offer discounts at a variety of stores, including food outlets, beauty salons, gyms, and hotels, but it also provides you with a map so you can find which stores near you have the best offers. You can redeem your coupons and discounts with a simple click of a finger and save money at all your favourite places.

  1. Lucky

Similar to WaffarX, Lucky allows you to get cashback deals from online purchases. All you need to do is access the brand of your choice through Lucky, buy whatever items you like through the website, and you will receive a sum of money back in your wallet as soon as your purchase is made. Every three months, you get the chance to withdraw the money from your wallet. Stores and companies associated with Lucky include Jumia, Souq, American Eagle, H&M, and many more!