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Adult Colouring Books: 7 Brands That Will Help You Get Your Colouring Fix in Egypt

Adult Colouring Books: 7 Brands That Will Help You Get Your Colouring Fix in Egypt
written by
Shaymaa El Gammal

While it may be a relatively new phenomenon in Egypt, adult colouring books have been all the rage in recent years across the world and the notion has been used as a form of therapy for years before that. Though therapists and professionals are split on the affectiveness of colouring as therapy, for some it has been an outlet for finding some kind of innear peace – while for others, colouring is, well, fun.

Never a country to pass up on trends, the concept of adult colouring books has been surprisingly well-received on these shores and there are several options for Cairenes…

Soul Resort

Soul Resort offers an epic 104-page book, with 86 of those pages for colouring. With said book, you get two sets of 12 coloured pens to use, as well as a bookmark – which you can also colour. This tasty package also comes with a list of 172 songs that are recommended for listening while colouring – all this for a very reasonable 150LE.

Color Land

Having already produced two books – Color Me Calm and Color Me Happy – Color Land has thus far been one of the more popular options. At 100LE each, each book offers 20 single-sided pages ready for colouring and with 250 gram paper used, the book can handle all kinds of pens, or even paint. Color Land also released a ‘colouring’ calendar and also offers bookmarks.


With 13,000 Facebook fans (and counting) Colorlicious has certainly caught the imagination of Cairenes by producing a new book every month as well as one for kids and holding monthly competitions. With four books already release, each one has been made in both A3 (120LE) and A4 (75LE) sizes, offering 15 pages.

Color Me

Having caught on the trend early, Color Me has amassed an impressive 60,000-plus Facebook fans. Offering a 20-page, A4 book with 12 pens for 170LE, Color Me also released an A3 colouring calendar for 2016, which sells for 130LE. They’ve even put together a Soundcloud playlist to accompany the book.


The delightfully named Patternista offers an package that includes a calendar featuring 52 different patterns for 190LE – and with that you'll get the pens. Patternista headquarters are based in Shekh Zayed, where you can pass by and pick up the book, though it can be delivered to your door for a charge of 50LE – including to Alexandria.

Cairo Coloring Club

Founded by Egyptian artist, Sahar El Nadi, Cairo Coloring Club is the most unique member on this list as the first colouring club in the Middle East. In addition to offering adult colouring books, El Nadi hosts colouring sessions and drawing workshops. The book which put Cairo Coloring Club on the map is Ketab El Bahga, it has proven to be one of the best-selling for its unique 40-pages, its 15cmx15cm size and its price of 50LE

My Mandalas

Focusing in adaptations of the Indian spiritual and ritual symbol of the mandala, My Mandalas has proven to be one of the most popular adult colouring books, offering A3 books of endless patterns with a pack of pens for 180LE – and they will deliver it for free.