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Attention Meat Eaters of Cairo! Neat Meat is the Butcher of Your Dreams

Attention Meat Eaters of Cairo! Neat Meat is the Butcher of Your Dreams
written by
Steve Noriega

We’d like to start by getting something off our minds that’s been bothering us – for a country that loves meat, we sure do seem to know very little about treating it with the tender love and care it deserves. We’re talking about over-cooked steaks, chewy kebabs, grainy burgers and other culinary wrongs against this most blessed of gifts which we take for granted.

Neat Meat, however, is leading the tides of change.

Delivering high quality fresh beef and lamb products all across Cairo, Neat Meat is more than just a home delivery butcher’s shop – it’s also a farm and factory. What this means is that from the farm, to your doorstep, quality is guaranteed, because they oversee the process from A to Z – something that can’t be said for the majority of, if not all, traditional butchers in the country who don’t own their own farms, meaning that quality isn’t standardised – essentially,  it’s not in their hands.

It all feeds into the fact that Neat Meat prides itself on a level of professionalism rarely found in Egypt; from top to bottom, the focus is on quality, service and efficient deliveries.

Look at those burgers, just begging to be thrown onto a grill…

How do they do this, you ask? What makes Neat Meat different?

Well, Neat Meat’s locally-sourced livestock is raised on a grass-based, GMO-free diet and is never treated with antibiotics or hormones, while the grass on which they feed on is completely pesticide free. Aside from the ethics of their practices – which, are, of course, very, very important – what this equates to is yummy meat. Processed is a no-no word at Neat Meat, too, with all of its marinated and semi-prepared products made with nothing but natural, organic beef byproducts.

But in all seriousness, it has been Neat Meat’s goal since the journey began back in 2012 to not only provide these top quality meats, but to spread awareness of the long-term harm GMO products can have on your health and the environment.

Even Neat Meat’s expert butchers go above and beyond; someone is always on hand to help out with the exact cuts you’re looking for and can even provide some tips and tricks on how best to prepare and cook your purchases – which is much less hassle than asking your mum or, god forbid, your know-it-all mother in law. Yikes.

#MeatGoals #SteakItTillYouMakeIt #IllHaveOneOfEverything

What this all adds up to is a rather unique ‘shopping experience’, for the lack of a better term; food shopping can be a bit of a chore, especially when purchasing something as complex and delicate as meat, but Neat Meat makes it easy and, actually, enjoyable, in offering a huge range of expertly cut beef and lamb products – it’s even all delivered in vacuumed packaging to ensure it doesn’t lose an ounce of freshness on the way to you. What’s more is that there’s complete transparency between Neat Meat and its customers, who pay for the net weight and nothing more. It’s all made super-easy, too, with the website being exceedingly intuitive, clear and user-friendly.

But there is one downside; once you start adding items to your basket on the Neat Meat website, you’ll quickly find yourself unable to stop. It all just looks so good.

Try it for yourself on, and check out Neat Meat on Facebook for more information.