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Bahira Bahir Boutique: A Trip Down Memory Lane

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Bahira Bahir Boutique: A Trip Down Memory Lane
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Cairo 360

Does this decade seem quite boring? Does it feel like this current era no longer houses the same fascination as previous ones? With time travel not being a feasible option, we only have one choice: “nostalgia”. Nostalgia can come in many shapes and forms; from watching movies from the 1950s/1960s to attending parties themed after the famous Roaring 20s, and listening to the music of Frank Sinatra, Umm Kalthom, and Dean Martin.

Coming in to satisfy our thirst for bygone times, Madame Eman El Sayed stands side by side with her husband Ahmed in vintage 50s fashion clothing, welcoming hundreds of visitors to their mini project ‘The Bahira Bahir Boutique’. When you pay them a visit, you’re not only going to fall in love with the boutique’s ambience and interior décor; you will also be impressed with the small attention to detail. The place houses classic books, valuable antiques, pieces of jewellery, and home décor items. These items manage to hold the essence of the past within them, and revive the ‘black & white’ in our souls, therefore satisfying our thirst for nostalgia.

The couple have long been dreaming of bringing back this period. Initially, the couple’s fascination with the era began with them decorating their house; they asked those who were lucky enough to have lived through the 50s and 60s to share their memories of that time, in search of inspiration and ideas on home décor. The young couple started going to particular areas to purchase furniture and fabrics specific to this era. The pieces they found locally, however, were expensive. This was when they decided on contacting sellers from abroad who offered them less pricey deals for their house.

Soon enough, these sellers started providing them with pieces for the boutique that the couple decided to launch. And VOILA! They were ready to open the boutique’s doors, making their dream a reality; an open-house and store available for the masses in Zamalek, along with a Facebook page with the name of ‘Bahira Bahir’.

Astonishing right? Fulfill your curiosity and visit the venue yourself! We’re sure you’re going to fall in love with it! It’s one of a lifetime experience.