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Bringing Online Brands Offline: 6 of Cairo’s Best Local Brand Hubs

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Bringing Online Brands Offline: 6 of Cairo’s Best Local Brand Hubs
written by
Malak Gharib

With the rise of online-based local brands, the nostalgia for a physical shopping experience grows stronger. The irreplaceable feeling of walking around the mall while holding your goodie bags and hosting a makeshift runway show in the fitting room are things the online shopping experience can’t replicate. Fortunately, the rise of local brand hubs offers the perfect blend of convenience and tangible exploration, bringing our favourite online brands to life. Here are six locations to get a well-rounded real-life shopping experience from your favourite online business.


MAZ Market

Located at Mall Of Egypt, MAZ Mrkt features a variety of local brands. Curated and compiled to cater to every taste, Maz Mrkt will have an array of products to fit your aesthetic. Frequently hosting events with local artists as well, make sure to check MAZ Mrkt out for a chance to be featured yourself!


Go Native

An Egyptian local brands hub located in Mall of Arabia, Go Native has a keen eye for streetwear aesthetics. This hub proudly showcases an array of homegrown labels, embodying the vibrant spirit of Egypt’s urban culture.


Space 17

Brought to us by Marakez, Space 17 is a unique retail experience featuring various local products. Between clothing and self-care products, Space 17 is an all-goods local experience not to miss!


Pop Kult

Pop Kult is another local brands hub by Marakez in New Cairo’s District 5. Aiming to bring everyone’s beloved stores under one roof, the location includes all aesthetics. From the trendy selections of Yawza to the diverse offerings of In Your Shoe and the modern styles of Jellavu, Pop Kult proudly showcases a curated collection of trusted local brands. Step into this inclusive space and indulge in a shopping experience that embodies the essence of community and style.


Cairo Flea Market

It takes place on at least two Saturdays each month at the Zamalek Fish Garden. Cairo Flea Market features everything local. This vibrant market offers a treasure trove of essentials and unique finds, from makeup to décor, clothing, second-hand treasures, and accessories. Don’t let the opportunity pass by; immerse yourself in the lively ambience and uncover local gems waiting to be discovered!


The Garden Market

Though The Garden Market only occurs once every month to two months, it’s truly an experience not to miss. Hosted at Heliopolis’ Merryland Park, you can find everything there: local artisans, thrifted steals, amazing music, and even better food. Make sure to keep an eye out for their next edition!