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Cairo 360’s Guide to Shopping for Man-Gifts

Cairo 360’s Guide to Shopping for Man-Gifts
written by
Wesam Masoud

Listen up, ladies. Surgically remove the part of your reasoning that assumes that men are sentimental. We are not. The trick to getting the perfect gift for a man is simple: get him something that nourishes his hobby or his passion. Once you find out what he’s into, the rest is child’s play.
Here are a few places around Cairo that may have what your man wants:

Mindwinder, CityStars
This store is always a safe choice. It’s full of games that require brain power as well as muscle: puzzles, Aerobie Frisbees, yo-yos, Cuboro cubes, K’Nex lego pieces and the Beeboo floating soap bubble machine. Get something that challenges him mentally; something that brings out the inner competitiveness. Since it’s a toy, you’ve scored a double whammy. Just make sure you’re not better at solving the puzzle than he is.

Virgin Megastores, CityStars

What more could you ask for? For the lazy/last-minute shopper, you’d be hard pressed to find a better place to get your man a gift. If your man tends to cheat on you with his Xbox, head straight to the video games section. If he’s a technophile, then why not pick him up a new mobile phone or digital camera? Sonic junkies are spoilt for choice with a proper selection of music and audio hardware. No matter how you slice it, this is an adult male’s Toy’s R Us. Don’t make yourself crazy – get him a gift card, and let him choose what he wants.

Yamaha, Heliopolis:
For the budding musician, head over to the Yamaha store. They have a healthy selection of guitars, keyboards and drum equipment. Bring a lot of cash unless you’re going to buy a pair of Steve Gadd Vic Firth Drumsticks (send these to Cairo360, c/o Wesam Masoud).

The Surf Shop:
If your man is a surf-head here, why not buy him something to brighten his (surf-ridden) day? The Surf Shop is located in Agami on the North Coast, but they also offer year-round delivery via their online store. While they don’t have wetsuits or windsurfing gear, they sell Bic and Oxbow surfboards, Victoria skimboards, as well as a selection of used items in great condition.  They also sell sandboarding gear like the Venomous and Ocean-Culture brands. Once again, send the sandboard to the aforementioned address.

Emotions, CityStars:
You may want to check out Emotions CityStars. The housewares store mainly sells German Kitchen utensils and dinnerware. I’m not saying you should buy your husband a set of square turquoise plates, but if he fancies himself a bit of a home chef, then you’d be wise to invest in a JA Henkel 10inch Chef’s knife. Best gift I’ve ever gotten.

Alpha Market, Maadi Corniche:
The outdoor type will appreciate a visit to Alpha market, which has a very impressive inventory of Coleman camping tents and gear. Remind him to stock up on mosquito repellent and invest in a second sleeping bag.

Bino Arms and Ammunition, Zamalek:
If he likes hunting gear, then take a trip to Bino, which is a roughing-it, play-in-the-mud paradise. The store carries everything from Ninja stars and nunchucks to hiking boots and hunting rifles. Fathallah Armories also has a great selection of ammunition, fishing and hunting gear. Take your guy there and watch his eyes widen like a kid in a candy store. 

No flowers, no teddy bears, no picture
frames. Getting him a watch may seem like a great idea, but you should
let him choose it himself. And for the love of Ramses, no more goddamn
wallets. Especially if he never has money to put in it – but if he is
walking around with a wad of sweaty money in his front breast pocket,
then by all means get him one.
Or get a new man; your choice.