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Cairo Fashion Designers: Made in Egypt

Cairo Fashion Designers: Made in Egypt
    written by
    Clarissa Pharr

    apparel-inclined residents know well that Egypt’s capital is practically
    bursting at the seams with bright new talent in the business of making you look
    fresh and fabulous. Said talent comes out to play in a growing list of new
    names and labels in the fashion industry, from the bold-patterned looks of
    Amina K. to the sparkling vintage-inspired gowns of Malak Ezzawy.

    Fashion enthusiasts
    know that like-minded looks sweep the streets of the Capital with an
    epidemic-like vengeance. Still, Cairo holds a wealth of individual styles,
    fashion secrets and edgy accessories. With new names appearing every season, we
    have our pick of gritty street fashions, adorable accessories and everything in
    between. Here are our favourite names in Cairo’s local labels and home-grown

    Dina Said is
    responsible for Nana’s Closet, the
    vintage-themed clothing line that has on occasion produced shows in
    collaboration with Bishette Bags. Collections are often a hybrid of 1920s
    accents and late 1980s silhouettes (Said is not afraid to use dramatic shoulder
    pads to make a statement); in a look that embraces a poised sense of women’s
    fashion. Other couture delicacies include silk brocade high-waisted trousers,
    jumpsuits refined enough for the opera, and cocktail dresses with jewelled,
    single-shoulder and tuxedo-inspired accents.

    Amina K. has earned a
    name for herself in fashion for her re-inventive take on Egypt’s rustic textile
    culture, with a decidedly haut and modern edge. The popular designer is known
    for loud patchwork fabrics crafted into feminine designs for garments and
    accessories. A look that is boho-chic with distinctly Egyptian accents has made
    Amina K. a popular name in Cairo design culture. Furthermore, she expanded into
    the eye-wear trade with a 2010 contract with Baraka Optics, where she reproduced
    retro sunglass frames to pair with her colourful outfits, chunky
    leather-and-cloth belts, peasant blouses and miniskirts.

    Malak El Ezzawy deserves
    mention for fulfilling our princess-bride dreams with layers of tulle, sequins
    that sparkle like diamonds. As a young girl with a family fashion show legacy,
    El Ezzawy swiftly climbed the local fashion ranks with her floor-sweeping
    elegant gowns that embrace the classic silhouette with some playful touches,
    such as oversized flower prints and asymmetrical hemlines. The label produces a
    junior-sized line to go with its more sophisticated evening wear for Cairo

    El Horreya: Designs for Freedom produces everything from neon-print blouses and shrugs to handsome
    leather handbags using traditional Egyptian prints and materials; be it the
    colourful flower print, fringe coins, or earth tone leathers. We love the label
    for its celebration of Egypt’s cultural legacy by bringing it into the world of
    modern street fashion. El Horreya is especially beloved for its expressive
    scarves, bohemian maxi-dresses and accessories, as well as individualised takes on
    classics items such as dress shirts and trousers. Look out for their leather clutches, shoe collections and home accessories.

    Bishette Bags proudly
    represents the bags and accessories branch of Cairo’s fashion culture. Known
    for hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind creations, Bishette has garnered a faithful
    following. From curious tuxedo-inspired box clutches to sparkling faux
    jewel-encrusted chokers, Bishette will outfit any lady with a few bold statements.
    Choose from gathered silk clutches with cut glass-encrusted clasps,
    plaid-covered box bags with over-long straps, bright polka dots, and the
    Michael Jackson-inspired royal red box clutch. Single edition collections keep
    supplies modest and sometimes available upon request. 

    While many of these
    names have been gracing the boutiques in Cairo for quite some time now, new
    talent and new names always seem to be appearing, making us proud to wear Cairo
    designs and show off our local talent.