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Cairo Mouled-Treats Guide:  What, Where, and for How Much…
written by
Dina Mokhtar

Featured image courtesy of Mandarine Koueider – Facebook

Halloween is over, and El Mouled is here; Cairo is celebrating Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday next Saturday. The season brings an endless trail of treats, whose taste will be just as sweet as that of the national holiday coming right after the weekend.

Here’s an article that tells what choices Cairo’s confectionaries are offering this year, and for how much:             


Mandarine Koueider:

Offering a range of boxes, including a 13-piece box for 90LE, a 21-piece box for 145LE, and a 34-piece box for 275LE, in addition to the 40-piece box for 360LE. There’s also a 53-piece box that comes at the price of 555LE and a 72-piece box at 780LE. Single item prices start from 5LE for the hummus bar, and the peanut nougat bar, all the way up to 27LE, which is the price for a pack of pistachio malban.

Abdel Rahim Koueider:

The place offers a humongous range of boxes, in addition to single treats. The gift box selections include the Royal Queen (750LE), Aladdin (850LE), Ali Baba (1100LE), and Khan El Khalili (1300LE). The Premium boxes prices are 200LE, 250LE, 325LE, and 425LE, while regular boxes are for 45LE (12 pieces), 65LE (17 pieces), 95LE (24 pieces), and 135LE (32 pieces).


Voilà offers a range of 2kg, 3kg, or 5kg premium boxes at the prices of 350LE, 460LE, and 960LE, respectively. Other assorted boxes at Voilà include the Mix Boxes; weighing 1.5kg, 2kg, 2.5kg, and 3kg, at 195LE, 260LE, 325LE, and 390LE, respectively. Single treats’ prices range between 1.5LE (jello bar), all the way up to 25LE (pistachio bar). Check this post for more information.

El Abd Patisserie:


El Abd Patisserie offers a range of boxes, whose prices starts from 50LE, all the way up to 940LE, in addition to a wide selection of single treats. Just push play!



Unlike other places, Tseppas has a range of sugar-free treats. According to its Facebook post, the treats are made of honey and fructose; however, they are not Keto-diet friendly. The sugar-free box is for 199LE.


The place offers a range of boxes that come in various weights, ranging in prices between 80LE for 0.5kg box, and 620LE for a 4-kilo box. Dukes also has multiple gift boxes, ranging between 200LE for the smallest, while the largest costs 1450LE.


Nola offers a limited range of boxes; 1.5kg is 200LE, 2.25kg is 300LE, while 3.2kg sells for 475LE.

Salé Sucré:

Offers a selection of assorted Mouled treats boxes, depending on the number of pieces; starting from a 35-piece tin box at 220LE, a 49-piece box at 330LE, to a 66-piece box for 400LE, and a 96-piece box  at 520LE. Check this post to know what each box includes.


In addition to a Treasure Bag that includes 25 innovative Mouled treats with new flavours (25LE), Etoile serves an endless list of boxes, which range between a 10-piece box for 35LE, and an 85-piece box for 800LE. There’s also a premium box that comes with the previously mentioned Treasure Bag as a gift; the box includes an assortment of 85 Mouled treats, at the price of 900LE. Check the whole lot in this post.

Abu Auf:

Known to have almost most of those treats all year round, this season’s range of Mouled boxes includes a 25-piece box at 100LE, and a 33-piece box at 220LE, a 38-piece box at 400LE, and a 52-piece box at 700LE. Check this post for more information.

Thomas Patisserie:

The place offers a wide range of Mouled boxes, whose prices are available at the store. However, you can also buy Mouled treats per piece, with prices ranging between 5LE per pack for the plain malban and strawberry jello, and 75LE for a packet of pistachio bar.


The online bakery shop, which also happens to offer a range of grocery items, is offering a 1.1 kilo tin box at the price of 210LE. For more information, check Breadfast’s website.