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Cairo’s Craziest Chip Flavours and Where to Get Them

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Cairo’s Craziest Chip Flavours and Where to Get Them
written by
Nesrien Abdelkader

There’s no denying that potato chips are the perfect snack. They’re crunchy, salty, and arguably the best form of potatoes. Of course, you’ve probably already tried all the classics like salt, barbecue, and chilli and lemon, so how about shaking things up next time you want to reach for something to snack on? There’s no shortage of chips when browsing through the snack aisles at the supermarket, and more and more brands have been trying to outdo each other with the wildest flavours you can imagine. 

If you already get into fights with your friends over getting salt & vinegar or sour cream and onion chips, just try throwing some of these new flavours into the mix. Here are local brands producing some of the craziest chip flavours we could find.


We’ve seen some of the most eccentric flavours possible being sold by Soul Chips & Dips. Digging into a bag of Black Truffle chips is sure to make you feel expensive without actually having to spend that much. They’ve got even more irresistible crispy chip options, including Spicy Citrus Cumin and Grilled Chilli Pepper. Sushi lovers might also enjoy a bite of their Wasabi & Ginger flavour. Besides your humble potato chips, this brand has also given us veggie chips that have been vacuum cooked. At least now we can feel a bit better about ourselves after finishing three bags in a row. Buy Soul’s hand-cooked chips at supermarkets like Gourmet Egypt or Spinneys for around EGP 7 to EGP 11 per bag. 


Nosh has one of the most expansive lines of chip flavours we’ve seen in Egypt. They’ve got you covered whether you’re craving a more classic favour like cheese, salt & vinegar, or something wilder. Fans of a bit of spice can try their Tunisian Harissa or Sriracha flavours.  

If you want a slightly healthier version of your favourite snack, try out their sweet potato chips. They’ve even got a version covered with cinnamon for a sweet treat. You can find these chips in most major supermarkets like Carrefour for about EGP 6 per bag. 


This brand has recently popped up in supermarkets across the capital, and its signature is over-the-top flavours. Worcester sauce may complement a steak quite well, but have you ever tried it on a chip? Other flavours they make include Prime Ribs, Sweet Chilli & Salsa, even Mango Sriracha. You can find them in shops like Gourmet Egypt for EGP 6 a bag.