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Check out What This Year’s Edition of Black Friday Has in Store ‎

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Check out What This Year’s Edition of Black Friday Has in Store ‎
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Dina Mokhtar

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Once November begins, the world’s most avid shoppers get themselves all prepped up for the Black Friday season, where a lot of stores put many of their products on sale, in addition to offering loads of promotions. While many of us Cairenes find Black Friday to be a downright joke, there’s still something inside each of us that has the curiosity to see who’s offering what.

In this article, we are listing some of the places that are celebrating the day with offers that are worth checking out:

Jumia Egypt:                                                           

The online store that sells almost everything that comes to mind celebrates Black Friday with a host of special discounts and offers every Friday until the end of November. Jumia is also hosting a round of competitions on its Facebook page, including guess the price, in which you guess the price of a product, and the one who guesses it right gets it! Get the app for IOS here, and Android here.’s edition comes in the shape of a round of bundles where you and a shopping partner of your choice get a discount on a pair of any of the selected products listed here. The offer ends today, so find yourself a partner, and get going.

Diwan Bookstore:

Diwan celebrates Black Friday, by offering free delivery for orders exceeding 200LE, on every Friday until the end of the month. Shop for your favourite books online here.

From Egypt:

Selling various products, including health & beauty, home accessories, fashion, and even grocery items, the diverse online shop, From Egypt, celebrates Black Friday with a round of discounts that reach up to 70%. Here’s what we are talking about.


The online shop,noon,promises a host of Black Friday surprises that are set to take place from the 24th to the 30th of November. You still have some time to check your favourite items and decide what to buy. Download the app for IOS here, and Android here.


Before raising your hopes of getting one of those all-time-favourite backpacks on discount, we are telling you, don’t even think about it. JanSport’s sale happens to be on a limited range of accessory pouches that you can find here.


Starting from the 16th, until the 30th of November, the electronics and home appliances store B.Techis offering a50% discount on many items, as well as a host of special interests-free instalments plans. Check B.Tech’s Facebook page here. Download the app for IOS here, and Android here.

Dalydress Dare:
Dalydress’ sister brand dare offers a sale on a variety of fashion items from its collection on Jumia. Here’s the link to Dare’s online catalogue.

Carrefour Egypt:
The renowned hypermarket is set to celebrate Black Friday on the 19th of November. Carrefour is keeping all the details hush-hush, so stay tuned by checking their Facebook page every now and again.

Another hypermarket that’s keeping it a secret. What we know so far is that Spinneys’ edition of Black Friday is called Green Friday. Check their Facebook page for more information.