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Chocolate and Snacks Shops in Cairo: Here’s Where to Find Your Fix ‎

Chocolate and Snacks Shops in Cairo: Here’s Where to Find Your Fix ‎
written by
Dina Mokhtar

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It seems all our intros have been revolving around how quarantine has drastically changed our daily lives and habits. This time around will jump into the deal straightaway. Since many of us have taken refuge in chocolate and snacks, we decided to gather a list of shops, where you can get your fix.

Bear in mind that some of these places don’t deliver, so instead of heading to the store, you can always rely on delivery platform Marsool.


The store has some of the world’s famous chocolate brands on offer, including Ritter Sport, Lindt, and Godiva. You can order through the website, a WhatsApp message on 120 0962556, or Chocolatier’s Facebook Page.

Wonka Shop:

This one comes in handy for New Cairo residents, as they can head to Porto New Cairo’s Park Mall, where it’s located. The shop has various imported snacks and chocolates. Give them a call on 01155888946.


This one caters to those living in Heliopolis and Haram; Chocolatia opens daily from 10 AM to 5 PM. However, you can have your chocolate delivered to your doorstep through Marsool – as per the shop’s recommendation.

Sanae’ El Sa’ada:

One of the most famous chocolates and snack shops in town, Sanae’ El Sa’ada has three branches that all deliver; Citystars branch – 01097782222, Nasr City – 01006018959, and Rehab City – 01011195983.

Sweet Shop:

Sweet Shop has two outlets; one in Nasr City, and another in Mohandiseen. The shop doesn’t offer delivery services and strictly observes social distancing; you’ll stand in line outside the shop until your turn comes – we’ve seen it for ourselves.