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Craving Homemade Food But Too Lazy to Cook?

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Craving Homemade Food But Too Lazy to Cook?
    written by
    Nelly Ezz
    Via Cairocooking

    Cooking is not everybody’s cup of tea; not everyone has the passion, and on some days, many of us are just too lazy. After a long day of work, nobody wants to spend hours cooking a full course meal. A busy lifestyle often interferes with maintaining good health and wellness. You might be working long hours and eating out most days, which means you could be missing out on essential nutrients. This is where delivery-based home cooked meals come in. Home-cooked meals can be easily stored in the fridge or freezer and stay fresh for a long time. On mundane days, when you are tired and too lazy to cook, check out those delivery-based services to stock up on molokhia and pasta bechamel!

    The Family Kitchen

    Nothing beats a home cooked meal, and The Family Kitchen is all about that homemade goodness. You can find anything you can possibly imagine, from ready-made meals including soups, salads, sides, proteins, and local options to frozen and healthy choices. You can order through their Whatsapp number 01113000570 – or check out their Instagram and Facebook pages for more information.

    Ginger Kitchen

    Homemade stuffed pigeon and vine leaves? Yes, please! Ginger Kitchen takes local flavours to another level, with portions perfect for individuals and gatherings. You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to perfect those oriental dishes we all love – call 01154844139 for orders! 

    Weddad’s Kitchen 

    Another homemade food service that saves time for working mothers and food lovers, Weddad’s Kitchen is all about quality and quantity! Their menu is vast and has a catering option as well – you can find all our Levantine favourites like tajines, fattah, turkey, and more. You can find their menu on Facebook and Instagram, or call 01120361308 for more information.

    Fe Betna

    This 5th settlement-based delivery option is quite convenient when you’re short on time but craving a hot, homemade meal. Their menu options cater to everyone’s taste, from trays and casseroles to chicken and sambosak – you’ll have everything you need under one roof. They also have “Family Meal’ options that can enable you to choose from either 1⁄2 kilo portions or 1-kilo sizes. You can reach them on 01154844477 and check out their menu on Facebook.  

    Beyond Catering

    When you’re feeling fancy but still want a delicious homemade meal, Beyond Catering is what you’re looking for. Beyond Catering is definitely more than just your average food delivery service with options like eggplant fattah, shawerma, and more international dishes like steak and mashed potatoes. In addition, they have freshly packed brunch boxes if you’re craving homemade sandwiches at work! You can DM them on Instagram or call 01004240637 for more information.

    The Kitchen Club

    At The Kitchen Club, you can find all kinds of mahshi, bechamel dishes, and grilled protein among their selection which you can buy by the kilo or meal. Get yours today by calling 01026005200 – or visit their social media platforms to check out their whole menu.