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Decathlon Egypt: Meet Cairo’s Most Comprehensive Sports Store

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Decathlon Egypt: Meet Cairo’s Most Comprehensive Sports Store
    written by
    Sherif Khairy

    Featured image via Decathlon Facebook Page



    If you’ve ever needed to gear up for camping, a sporting event, or any experience where snorkelling or diving is in the conversation, you no longer have to go to different stores to find everything you need, for Decathlon has brought it all together.

    When they first hit Egypt, Decathlon sold all of their stock in less than a week. This is perhaps the biggest testimony to how comprehensive their product line is, especially with their high quality and reasonable prices. Decathlon is an international sportswear and sports equipment store that has everything you may need for any physical activity. They have all the gear for different sports as well as a ton of work out equipment to stay in shape.

    You can also find swimsuits in all shapes and sizes, from the fashionable to the practical. In other words, from bikinis to full-blown wetsuits. They also have a ton of t-shirts, leggings, and sweatpants for all your workout needs. The quality is great and the prices are highly competitive. But this far from covers everything that they have to offer, so let’s just say you’ll have a hard time not finding what you’re looking for at this humongous store.

    What we love the most about Decathlon is their website. Most store websites are quite outdated. You’ll find amazing products on the website, only go to the actual store and see that they’re out of stock. Decathlon’s website, on the other hand, shows you all their products with their price, as well as the available sizes and the branches at which you can find your product. They even offer online ordering for those of you who don’t want to make the commute.

    So let’s imagine you want to purchase some workout clothes. You can find running shoes for around 340 EGP, Run Dry T-Shirts for 100 EGP, and training pants for around 250 EGP, then put them all in a 10-litre bag priced at 90 EGP. Can you name any other store in Cairo with similar prices and quality?

    Check out the website here and learn more about what Decathlon have to offer. Or check out their stores in Cairo Festival City, New Cairo, or District Mall, Heliopolis. You’ll be amazed at how comprehensive and reasonably-priced this store is.