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Dina Maghawry Design Showroom

Dina Maghawry Design: Stylish Egyptian Jewellery in Cairo

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Lauren Lutz
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Dina Maghawry Design: Stylish Egyptian Jewellery in Cairo

Though Egyptian
designer Dina Maghawry only began her jewellery-making career four years ago,
many of her beautiful creations look like that of a much more experienced

burns in the corner of Maghawry Design’s second floor showroom in Zamalek,
which actually bears an unfortunate resemblance to a museum, complete with an antique
writing desk and tall, shelved glass cases. With a section of jewellery inspired
by the ‘antiques’, and treated with a patina to make them appear older, we’re
not entirely sure that the room’s feel was a coincidental one. Other sections
among the cases reveal different sources of inspiration such as lace, Egyptian history,
or the époques (many of these pieces feature old coins), as well as the Kashmir line,
which is inspired by the designs of Kashmir, India.

From her
elaborate necklaces featuring diamonds and opals
(over 2000LE), to her small
patriotic pendants with the Egyptian flag in glowing enamel (180LE), each piece
bears that one-of-a-kind touch. While the handmade look is a plus for
aficionados who can’t stand to own something that there is two of, the enamel
gracing at least half of the shop’s pieces is by its nature not the sleekest
look available, and closer inspection reveals imperfections. Enamelled earrings
will cost you 300LE, while similar pieces feature a combination of enamel and
stonework for around 500LE and above, depending on the stone.  

items mostly feature Maghawry’s characteristic gold-plated copper with a
generous helping of precious and semi-precious stones, which she is not afraid
to combine at random. One necklace features a silver-ringed pendant laced with
pearl, emerald, ruby, iolit and tourmaline. While the odd combination makes
for a somewhat jarring display, we can’t say it isn’t unique.

Though most
of the pieces at this Zamalek Showroom are either of silver or gold-plated
copper, a few pure gold rings exist in Maghawry’s Kashmir line. These contain
her own hand-engraved designs on the side with any assortment of centre pieces,
ranging from an old military button to topaz, rubies and white diamonds (900LE
to 2800LE).

The prices
of most items are displayed on small white tags attached to every piece, though
in the cases, some pieces are hard to see or are Euro side up. Simply ask the attendant
to open the case doors for you – she will stay beside you through your entire
visit, and does not speak English – and she will check the price. Be warned though;
patrons who don’t seem serious about buying are not openly welcomed to handle the
pieces on display.

360 Tip

To view the full extent of the Maghawry Design collection, check out other locations where items are sold: Mohama Al Sagheer Boutique, L'Oiseau du Nil, and Litchi Boutique, or custom order from her website.

Best Bit

The jewellery comes in a really large variety; there is something to suit everyone's taste here from simple pendants to large flashy bracelets.

Worst Bit

Chances are you will be the only one in the showroom, except for the hovering attendant who makes things feel a little bit awkward.

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