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Discover the Allure of Locally Made Perfume Brands with Long-Lasting Scents

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Discover the Allure of Locally Made Perfume Brands with Long-Lasting Scents
written by
Malak Gharib
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With the growing appreciation towards homegrown brands, locally made perfumes that offer unique and long-lasting scents garner more recognition than ever. With the richness of local ingredients, explore some standout Egyptian perfume brands that have captivated hearts with their enduring and exquisite aromas.



Image via Drills 

Made from all-natural ingredients, Drills is the local perfume brand changing the game. You can order through their website or visit the Perla Showroom in New Cairo to explore the variety of scents they offer. 



Image via Nspired

Nspired is a local brand that dupes international fragrances. From Tom Ford’s Black Orchid and Dior’s Sauvage, among others, Nspired provides exceptional fragrances at reasonable prices. With prices starting from EGP 380, Nspired provides its audience with convenient luxury. 


Frag Perfumes 

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Frag specialises in customised perfumes as it can curate fragrances especially for you. In addition to customised fragrances, Frag offers an array of perfumes produced in-house under the names Vanilla Kiss, Playboy, and French Days, all at EGP 700. 


Hathor Organics 

Image via HathorOrganics

Aside from its comprehensive collection of offerings, from candles to cold-pressed oils, Hathor Organics is known for its top-notch fragrances. Offering eau de perfume at EGP 750, elixir perfume at EGP 160, and solid perfume Nefertums at EGP 500, whatever you’re looking for, Hathor Organics has you covered!


Go Natural 

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Go Natural is known for its sweet and refreshing scents. Its Egyptian Musk, Carribean Coconut, Summer Haze, Juliette, Fairy Dust, and Velvet Musk scents cost only EGP 450.



Image via Desirs

Known for its artisan perfume bottle designs, Desirs offers alluring scents that last long. Its scents—ranging from sweet vanilla to sharp tobacco—include fragrances for men, women, and unisex in different sizes and cater to a variety of budgets.