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DIY Kits for Your Kids to Celebrate Eid
written by
Dina Mokhtar

Photo courtesy of Chocolate Factory


Now that we are officially grounded this Eid, here’s a list of DIY kits keep you and your little ones to entertained and help you celebrate:

The Lunch Box Factory:                                                        

Offering two kits; The Lunch Box Factory’s first kit (300LE) includes flower-planting kit, two decoration sets, festive mask, Eid photo frame, chocolate chips cookie dough, mini Connect Four, Eid secret card, and a bag full of goodies. The second kit (130LE) includes six baked cookies, DIY icing recipe, fondant, cutters, food colouring and a piping bag. Give them a call on 01155445888 or 01116200066.

RC Just Kiddin:

The store offers a variety of kits that cater to all interests. Currently, they offer a pack of four activities at 250LE, and another that includes three activities for 200LE. Order through RC Just Kiddin’s Instagram account.

Art Café Egypt:

This season’s DIY kit is 250LE, includes a painting board game, money box, kahk recipe, and icing sugar. You can order through this link, or find it at Gourmet Egypt.

Chocolate Factory:

Chocolate Factory celebrates Eid with a round of chocolate bars, wrapped in colourable paper and come with a set of colours. A tablet colouring set is 75LE, a colouring set box of 9 chocolates is 175LE, while a box of 3 chocolates is 125LE. Order through Chocolate Factory’s Instagram account.