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Egyptian Board and Card Games to Kill Time With

2ool Ameme 2ool Aw E3mel Egyptian Board Games Games The Lighthouse Cards
Egyptian Board and Card Games to Kill Time With
written by
Nada Wahba

Gathering with your friends and family is always fun. While it could be over a movie, a bite, or just a catch-up, some also turn such gatherings into a game night and make it a regular occurrence. While generic games are popular among such nights, a few local board games have emerged and are taking over the market. They’re unique, fun, and easy to follow; an excellent combo for a game night. Here’s the list of the local board games and where to shop for them! 

2ool A Meme 

The Egyptian version of the “What Do You Meme?” board game. In a nutshell, the game includes from three up to eight players, each of whom has eight meme cards. A player acts as the judge of the game and puts down the caption card upon which the other players pick out a suitable meme. Then, the judge filters through the memes and chooses a winner. Every turn, the players take a meme card from the deck so the game can keep rolling! It is quite a fun game, so don’t forget to check it out, and you can see the full instructions here

The Lighthouse Cards

This card game is not for the faint-hearted, but it will bring the players closer once they finish participating in the game. The Lighthouse is all about displaying vulnerability and listening to the other players’ stories; you must be open and patient as you go through the several levels of the card game. There are four stages to the game; the coffee cup, the ashtray, the mirror and the baggage. All stages vary in terms of how deep and personal the questions are. If you want to get to know someone or even explore your identity, buy the game and start playing! You can check it on its Instagram page here

El Manseb 

Developed by AUC student Aleyeldin Baracat, El Manseb is an educational game that is a product of a graphic design programme. The game was among the finalists for the Designers Institute of New Zealand’s Best Design Awards. The main aim of the game is to showcase Egypt’s political system in a simple way. There should be four players, all of whom act as members of the parliament, and whoever gets to fill out the board first through investing the shared resources on personal and public affairs, wins. You can check out the game for further instructions here

2ool Aw E3mel 

Truth or dare, but make it Egyptian! 2ool Aw E3mel is a spin on the traditional truth or dare where each player gets a pawn that they place on the board. With every turn, the players get to choose between two options, with different points determining how far they’ll move on the board. The harder the dare, the further they move, and the first one to complete the cycle, wins. You can shop for this board game on 2ool A Meme’s website here.