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Egyptian Ladies, Kiss the Wedding Season Blues Goodbye

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Egyptian Ladies, Kiss the Wedding Season Blues Goodbye
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    Wedding season is upon us, and whether you’re planning your own or going to multiple special events, you know how hectic and disrupting it all is. For men this is pretty straightforward, you have 2-3 suits that you alternate between for each event, and probably have no problem using the same suit for multiple events in a row. For women, however, wedding seasons is a nightmare. It means that they need to keep expanding their wardrobe or having to wonder when was the last time they wore a certain dress, and ponder the possibility of wearing it again. It’s unfeasible, too expensive, and truly exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be.

    Hitting the Egyptian market, with innovative ideas and a high sense of fashion, are two Egyptian fashion moguls giving you an easy way out of all this hassle. We’re talking about La Reina and The Wardrobe. While they do offer a bunch of dresses on retail, they both have a huge host of wedding dresses and evening gowns up for rental, and while some are quite expensive, you can get dresses for as little as 300 EGP per night.

    La Reina label themselves as the first designer dresses e-commerce platform. You can take a look at their website and scroll through hundreds of different dresses and gowns. They have a huge range of prices, colours, and designs, as well as a veiled collection. They also offer an excellent delivery service which allows you to order 5 dresses to your doorstep, try them on, and only pay for the one you pick. If you’re looking to earn some extra cash, you can also lend your own dresses via their platform.

    As for The Wardrobe Egypt, they have a huge collection of wedding dresses and gowns that have been, as they put it “preloved only once.” These dresses are up for sale or rental, and can be pretty affordable, but they also have a bunch of designer dresses if you’re looking for something more upscale, you can check out their amazing collection on Instagram. The Wardrobe Egypt are also happy to buy your once-worn dresses, so if you have no problem giving up the memories, it’s a nice way to keep the chain of joy going on while earning some extra cash.

    The hassle of picking out wedding dresses is over with these two amazing online shops. You don’t have to worry about shopping for a new dress, just simply scroll their online collection, and rent one for the day. Let the wedding season commence.