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Egypt’s Return and Exchange Policy Has Officially Changed!

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Egypt’s Return and Exchange Policy Has Officially Changed!
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Cairo 360

It’s common for people to buy a product and regret it after a while; indeed, it might take a few of us more than a week or two even to realise that we want to return a product. We always find ourselves in a position where there is a great deal or offer that is quite tempting, but if we were truthful to ourselves, we don’t actually need that item. Consequently, we unconsciously make the purchase in the heat of the moment, and later we regret it and try to return it.

The Terms and Conditions in stores differ, and this leaves us lost and confused; it’s almost an obligation for you to ask the cashier every time about the return and exchange policy if it is not written on the receipt. A less flexible return and exchange policy would surely make some of us more hesitant about purchasing a product. The NO EXCHANGE OR REFUND rule places us in a position where we think twice about buying or ordering a product; this is especially true with more expensive items, like home and electrical appliances, for example.

Egypt’s new Exchange and Return Policy is making things easier for all the shoppers out there; customers can now exchange or return any product within 30 days from the day of purchase, so long as that item is in mint condition. The old rule was 14 days.

This puts us at ease, as we can simply purchase a product, try it out at home, and have the option to return it within this extended period. On the other hand, people can negatively take advantage of this. So let’s appreciate the change, and not abuse it.

Happy shopping, Cairenes; stay savvy!