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EMMA: Elegant, Modern, Modest, Attire
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    Cairo 360

    This article is for all those Hijabi’s out there who have a hard time finding unique and “not so not basic” scarves. Egypt is trending in the world’s fashion scene and has accordingly become one of the best places to shop, especially for veiled women. Many mainstream clothing stores provide a considerable amount of hijabi friendly items; that being said, veiled women still find it hard to find pieces that express their unique and personal styles.

    This is where EMMA comes in. This online platform houses headscarves containing unique designs and prints; these scarves can truly transform and turn any outfit upside down with just a simple wrap around the head. EMMA’s online platform shows these veiled Egyptian women how to style their outfits in a manner that is personal to them.

    “As a woman, you have the right to pursue your career of choice and follow passionately your dreams whilst feeling comfortable and elegant in your own choice of modest dress, shining and not hiding in the modern world. Your choice to dress modestly shouldn’t hamper you from doing what you love and being who you are. Nor does it mean that covering up means becoming invisible or looking frumpy and unfashionable,” EMMA state on their Facebook page.

    The online store stands for Elegant, Modern, Modest, Attire; as such, the acronym “EMMA” does a great job at explaining what their items are all about. With over 250,000 likes on Facebook and 154k followers on Instagram, the folks at EMMA are able to reach across the nation and introduce methods of styling to any veiled woman’s wardrobe.

    Focusing on nothing more but quality, EMMA brings back that comfort we all crave in this hot weather, making it easier to survive. While their scarves vary in cost, depending on style and cut, the average scarf costs 350 EGP. They have a wide variety of collections, making them a go-to brand for both stylish veiled women, and for non-veiled ladies looking to style their outfits with by adding chic scarves with a bold dash of colour. You can browse through their collections by paying their website a visit (the website actually contains a section dedicated to showing visitors how they can style EMMA’s scarves). You can also follow EMMA on Instagram, and/or check out their Facebook page.