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Even More Asian Supermarkets Across Cairo

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Even More Asian Supermarkets Across Cairo
    written by
    Nesrien Abdelkader

    There’s no shortage of fantastic Asian restaurants across Cairo to satisfy your food cravings. However, you might be feeling up to the challenge of recreating some of those recipes for yourself. So if you’re looking for all the necessary ingredients, there are shops carrying foods from all over Asia, with endless snacks from China, Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries. If you want to put your cooking skills to the test or just stockpile enough Buldak Ramen to last the year, we’ve got you covered. Here are some Asian supermarkets that will help you become a master chef in Asian cuisine. 

    Miu Miu 

    Avid fans of Asian food are definitely familiar with Road 232 in Maadi. It’s where Kokio’s Korean fried chicken and Fengcha nest. If you walk just a bit further, you’ll stumble upon Miu Miu, a new little supermarket with all kinds of goodies. Dozens of colourful candies and snacks line the shelves, and you can find everything from your favourite spicy ramen to chip flavours you’ve probably never even heard of. You also can’t leave without trying the delicious boba! The menu only has a few drinks, but each one is sweet and flavorful with perfectly chewy boba pearls. Make sure you have cash on you because they don’t accept credit card payments just yet. 

    Luya Chinese Market 

    Also located in the melting pot that is Maadi, Luya Chinese Market has everything you need to whip up an authentic Chinese dish on your own. There are endless rows of sauces, fresh vegetables, and homemade tofu at great prices. With a welcoming staff and wide selection of products, Luya should definitely be added to your list of Asian hotspots. Just remember to bring cash with you when you visit. 

    Almo Mart

    Since blowing up on TikTok, Almo Mart has expanded their business in Nasr City to start selling boba. It’s been getting rave reviews not only for the taste but the affordable prices. At just EGP 30, they’re serving up the cheapest drinks in all of Cairo. Besides the drinks, the market has a huge selection of Asian snacks and drinks. You can find sweet treats including different mochi flavours and cooking ingredients like rice cakes, vegetables, dumplings, and tons of sauces.  

    Pasar Asia

    Southeast Asian countries rarely get the hype they deserve, but rest assured that they have seriously good food. You can find all kinds of Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, and Filipino favourites alongside Korean and Japanese snacks at Pasar Asia in Nasr City. They’ve got sweet puddings and jellies, fresh fruits and vegetables, tofu, noodles, and regional specialities like curry and sticky rice.