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Ganubi Store: From the South With Love
written by
Cairo 360

Nubians are an indigenous people to Egypt; they have been in Egypt since long before the Arabs and Greeks arrived. Nubian people are known for their warmth, and incredible hospitality, not to mention their rich culture; surely, if you were fortunate enough to visit a Nubian village, you were undoubtedly taken aback with the soulful music and unique traditions.

Nada Elhlfawy, founder and owner of Ganubi Store Egypt, is a visual artist and graphic designer from Nubia, and she is also a Design and Applied Arts graduate from the Academy of Arts. Ganubi has been an ongoing idea on her mind since her early years at the academy. Elhlfawy had always wanted to pay homage to her culture by starting a brand which boasts the bright, cheerful colours, and other signature elements of Nubian design aesthetic.

While every piece houses within it the spirit of Upper Egypt, Elhlfawy’s pieces also take inspiration from Sudan and South Africa. To Elhlfawy, all these cultures from which she draws motivation are worth sharing and exposing to the world, especially to her fellow Egyptians. This is precisely why she has decided to create patterns which represent each country, and transform them into wearable artwork, making whoever wears them feel significantly unique and unrivalled.

You can check out all of Ganubi’s products on Facebook. You can also follow Ganubi on Instagram and place orders by sending them a direct message on either Facebook or Instagram. You can additionally stay updated with every new piece they create here.

Besides the online store, you can find Ganubi’s products in Azraq W Buny and Meshkah Galleries in Cairo, and in Microbus Store, Alexandria.

Add some fresh pieces to your wardrobe; we promise you, this brand is going places, and you won’t regret buying their products!