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20 Local Skincare Brands in Cairo that will Elevate your Hair and Body Care Routine

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20 Local Skincare Brands in Cairo that will Elevate your Hair and Body Care Routine
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While we love summer, the sun and heat can definitely take its toll on our hair and skin. Because we strive to remain your ultimate guide to living in the capital, today, we have prepared a comprehensive list of local skin and hair care products. All these local brands offer products that are 100% organic and natural, and most of them are incredibly budget-friendly.

Green Pharmacy

This Egyptian brand offers 100% organic skin and hair care products, at different price ranges, and for all types of skin and hair. Check them out on Instagram here, and for further inquiries contact their Facebook page


Scrubbing your body isn’t an easy job, but, when you have access to the right products, the effort that it takes is totally worth it. This brand offers natural homemade skincare products:  body scrubs, foot scrubs, hand scrubs, magic treatment lotion bars, and hand lotions are all on the menu. For inquiries send them a DM on their Instagram account, or inbox them on their Facebook page.


The brand is committed to producing natural and chemical-free products. It is an Egyptian body care franchise, aiming to secure the perfect body care routine for all women. Here’s their Instagram account for a sneak peek. You can find their shops almost all over the country. You can also purchase your favourite products through their official website, or call them on 19333 for further information.


It’s one of the most unique brands in the industry, as they offer essential oil blends infused into rich, natural skin and hair care products. Products can be used by spa professionals and everyday women. You can contact for further inquiries. You can also check out their Instagram account for cool promotional deals, and announcements on the upcoming booths all across the country. Additionally, you can check their official website for tips on skin and hair care, and comprehensive information on their products.


This brand has handcrafted products made from the finest natural ingredients that mother earth has to offer. The brand was launched by two chemists. All products are made from scratch and formulated from organic oils, essentials oils, aromatic fragrances, and are free of any harsh chemicals. For orders send them a message on their Instagram account, or follow their Facebook page for offers and hot deals. 


One of the leading Aromatherapy brands in the industry, as they offer 100% Egyptian pure and natural aromatherapy products. They distribute through their official stores, located all across the capital. Get in touch with their Instagram account to keep yourself posted with their newest products. The line also offers self-care workshops. Areej’s official website discusses everything that has to do with natural care, and helps you out find the suitable products for your skin type. Go pay them a visit; their stores are interesting due to their cool designs and variety of products.

Raw African

They offer 100% natural cosmetics made by Egyptian hands. The line uses the finest ingredients of Africa’s lands. You can DM their Instagram account for orders, also keep posted with their deals and booths all across the capital.


This brand offers its customers a skincare product line sourced directly from nature. You can find their booths at the Mall of Egypt and in Cairo Festival City Mall. They also offer online ordering through their Instagram account and on their official website. Lately, they have been giving out some cool tips about the best ways to use their products. They ship all across the country and are reasonably priced.

Smack That Scrub

Despite this brand being new to the industry, it is quickly generating lots of hype as it provided consumers with the coolest and the finest of products. They offer exfoliating scrubs that are handmade from natural ingredients. DM those peeps on their official Instagram account for orders.

In Natural

Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, or dyed hair, this brand will help you take care of your locks. Take a quick look at their Instagram account. All orders and purchases are done there too.


Sandra Osvaldo made dreams come true by launching this unique line. The brand offers a diverse range of beauty, cosmetic, and personal care beauty products. Purchase products through their Instagram account or official Facebook page.

Urban Ducks

Urban Ducks’ lotions and scrubs are to die for! Get in touch with them through their Instagram account for promotions, reviews from clients, and information on the launching of new products. You can also subscribe to their official website, where you can also order your favourite products.

Body Cravings

The local brand offers a range of 100% Egyptian skincare products, in addition to scented sanitisers and insect repellents. Here are their Instagram account and Facebook page.

Tèrre Mère

Promoting the wellness of mind, body, and soul, the Egyptian brand delivers a range of holistic, natural, and organic products; from oils, masks, and soaps to locally-produced honey. Check their Instagram account.

Kyra Naturals

Created by a UK certified formulator, Kyra Naturals’ skincare products are made from European-sourced ingredients. The products include a range of facial masks, body scrubs, and hair oils. Check their Instagram account.

Nature’s Grace

In addition to its edible homemade products like granola and various nut butters, Nature’s Grace offers a selection of soaps, as well as lip balm. Here’s the Instagram account, and you can make an order through this link.

Kawket Body Care

The Ministry of Health certified brand brings a spectrum of skincare products, like soaps, multipurpose balms, sulfate-free shampoos, and deodorants. Check their Instagram account, and Facebook page.

Indigo Soap works

The brand brings a host of soap bars that come in a fancy packaging, which makes is an out-of-the-box gift. The brand also has cream deodorants and body butter on offer. Check their Instagram account.


Using ingredients that are approved by the UK Soil Association, Haven offers natural soaps, hair serum, and facial masks that are entirely handmade. Check their Instagram account.

Black Lotus

Black Lotus’ cruelty-free, 100% natural skincare products include scrubs, oils, and moisturisers. You can find their range of products at Diwan. Check their Instagram account and Facebook page.