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Gourmet Food Store’s Precautionary Measures Ensures a Safe Shopping Experience ‎

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Gourmet Food Store’s Precautionary Measures Ensures a Safe Shopping Experience ‎
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While the Coronavirus outbreak has drastically changed our pattern of daily living, various activities are still necessary. Grocery shopping is one of those, and it has sparked a wave of new safety measures taken by stores all across the city.

Having always been the ultimate grocery shopping spot for many, Gourmet Food Store was among the first to apply the international safety standards to ensure a safer shopping experience. Not only that, but with high demands being placed on both its physical store and delivery, Gourmet Food Store has managed to maintain a standard of consistency that is keeping their customers satisfied.

In order to reach more of its customer base, Gourmet Food Store recently announced relocating the City Stars branch, in addition to opening a new store in Road 9, Maadi. Vast and spacious to allow a safe distance between customers, the new branches offer a better, safer shopping experience. And when it comes to their delivery services, the food store has reinforced its team with 40 extra collectors to help their 20 delivery agents, which means a fast and efficient process that shortens delivery times and increases order accuracy.

And since the safety of the products and customers begins with a safe working environment, Gourmet Food Store is supporting its employees with private transportation, to avoid the repercussions of taking crowded public transport.

All Gourmet Food Store’s staff always wash their hands frequently, wear gloves and masks, and have their temperature checked twice a day. It also provided its employees with a medical help desk to manage their health status. As for the direct safety of the customers, all branches are supplied with a disinfecting station to sanitize trolley and basket handles before use.

The precautionary measures extend to Gourmet Food Store’s other facilities, including its warehouses and factories, which undergo a daily disinfection process. The employees at the sites, especially those who are in constant contact with outsider suppliers, have received training on how to disinfect vehicles, docks, bays, and goods.

Next time you visit Gourmet Food Store, it’s mandatory to wear a mask while shopping. Now rest assured that the food store is abiding by high-standard measures to offer you an excellent shopping experience, with an added dash of safety.