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Hadia Ghaleb Empowers Women of All Cultures Through Her New Swimsuit Line

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Hadia Ghaleb Empowers Women of All Cultures Through Her New Swimsuit Line
written by
Nada Wahba

Fashion icon, traveller and entrepreneur Hadia Ghaleb recently released a new swimsuit line of her very own design that suits all women, whether they’re veiled or not. The idea came in response to the trending post that emerged over a swimsuit she wore that resembled a dress. Ghaleb decided to spin the trending post into something positive, and created her new swimwear line. 

Through her line, Ghaleb doesn’t just introduce a fashion piece; she’s filling a gap in the market that is somewhat only catered to unveiled women. The fashion icon noticed an imbalance between the swimsuit shops when it comes to veiled and unveiled women, where there are two different shops designated for each swimsuit. Usually, those that cater to the unveiled are lacking in fashion sense and attractive design. So Ghaleb took a closer look into such an issue, and dedicated her new line for veiled and unveiled women to feel good about themselves in their new swimsuits! 

Ghaleb is no stranger to the events that occur every summer in Egypt, where unveiled women aren’t allowed at some beaches and pools because of the design of their swimsuits. Her creations are also catered to combat such misfortune events to which she encourages women who’ll wear her new line to have no fear or shame. 

Her swimsuit line launched yesterday, April 25, and has received many compliments and encouragement from women with different religions, lifestyles, and cultures. Her line exudes summer vibes, where Ghaleb intertwined Arab elegance with summer colours reminiscent of the beach and sunny days. The line includes two sets. The first of which is a swimsuit top and scarf, referred to as the Swimwear Ensemble, and the second consists of a swimsuit top, scarf, leggings and a sarong, which is referred to as the Swimwear Full Set. 

The swimwear fashion industry is definitely about to witness the biggest change yet!