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HiPRO: The Latest Addition to Danone’s Extensive Family of Dairy Products ‎

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HiPRO: The Latest Addition to Danone’s Extensive Family of Dairy Products ‎
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Being one of the world’s leading dairy and plant-based products, Danone has been able to establish a bond of trust with the Egyptian consumers in a short amount of time. From a range of yoghurts and flavoured milks to the irresistible Dango collective; Danone’s products have something for everyone.

The latest addition to the Danone’s family comes in the shape of a drink called HiPRO, which caters to those who want to diversify the form of their protein intake; like fitness enthusiasts who are following a high-protein diet.


Offered in two flavours, strawberry and vanilla, HiPRO contains 20 gms of protein of which 4.9 gm of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), as well as only 1.5% fat, and 0% added sugar. Set to take to the shelves soon, HiPRO has already made it big in various countries around the world; becoming a sponsor of the National football league NFL in the States, sponsoring the Australian Olympic team, in addition to being a best seller in Brazil.

With the slogan Fuel Your Journey, Danone’s HiPRO will be available in all supermarkets at the price of 20LE. We might not be fitness gurus ourselves, but we can’t help but feel intrigued to see how Danone’s latest family member, HiPRO, tastes.