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Injie Tarek: The Design Guru Helping Egyptians Turn Their Homes Into Instagrammable Spaces

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Injie Tarek: The Design Guru Helping Egyptians Turn Their Homes Into Instagrammable Spaces
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Furnishing a space is one of the biggest hassles, when it comes to moving to a new home and/or office. The struggle of finding ideas and then turning them into reality is quite challenging. Most of the time, you’re stuck with a vision of how you want your place to look, but you are unable to find the local shop at which to purchase the pieces you need. But, if you’re stuck in that loop, no worries, the Furniture Scout is here to save the day.

Injie Tarek, the 32-year-old Egyptian furniture guru started what she calls “the Furniture Scout on Instagram”. She graduated as an architectural engineer from MSA University, and studied history at France’s École des Beaux-Arts. Injie utilizes her experience in interior design and knowledge of the best local shops to bring you stunning Instagram photos of adorable interior design spaces, and tells you all about how to find local shops. 


Interior design is in her genes, as she learnt it from her father who works in antiques, and she’s now the design director at Khalifa Architects. After seeing the market gap in people not knowing where to get the furniture they need, or sometimes not having an idea about what’s trendy in interior design, Injie decided to help out those people with her Instagram account.

Furniture Scout is about shedding light on local shops that offer high quality furniture, and Egyptian brands that have stunning pieces, but are not famous enough in the local market. Through this account, Injie seeks to help people find their dream interior designers, learn more about where to shop for their furniture, as well as understand more about space utilization.

So, if you’re looking to furnish your space in style and with ease, check out her Instagram account.