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Keep It Warm With These Cool Products That You Can Easily Find in Cairo

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Keep It Warm With These Cool Products That You Can Easily Find in Cairo
written by
Dina Mokhtar

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Just a few months ago, we were complaining about the hot weather that lasted until November, leaving us wondering if Cairo would see winter ever again. Now that winter is fiercely biting at our cold, cold bodies, we decided to share some of the products that will help keep you warm:

Blanket Onesie at Snuggs Egypt:


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Leave your classic blanket in your bedroom where it belongs, and jump into one of those furry blanket onesies offered by Snuggs Egypt; the local brand that made our lives much easier a couple of years back, when they first introduced the wearable blanket. Their heaven-sent fleece onesies come in a range of designs, for him and her, and each sells for 499LE (adults) and 420LE (kids between 7 and 12 years old). Check Snuggs Egypt’s online store here.

Indoor Rock Fire Pit at Maison D’or:


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We’ve always dreamt of spending winter nights reading next to a fireplace, yet we can’t stand the cons that come with such a delightful mood; the smell, the smoke, or the hassle of keeping the chimney clean. Local home accessories brand, Maison D’or, brings the gem of a rock fire pit that will give you all the pros of a fireplace, without any of its drawbacks.

The rock fire pit works with a canister of real flame gel that you light with a match and put out with a blow. You get two canisters with your purchase, each lasts from two to three hours, and the shop also provides them for 10LE each afterwards.

The fire pit comes in various shapes and sizes; 20×20 cm is for 450LE, 40×30 cm is for 900LE, while the circular pit whose diameter is 30 cm is for 750LE. The good news is, you can have them delivered to your doorstep, give them a DM via Instagram.

A word to the wise: never leave a fire unattended.                                         

Mini Fondue Set at The Giftery:


Now, this product might need some culinary skills, of which we’re sure that you are not short, but for those who have never been into cooking, you’ve got a lot of learning ahead of you. This Kuhn Rikon Mini Cheese Fondue Set serves two (it says one on the website, two on Amazon), and is there for anyone seeking warmth through keeping their bellies satisfied. Of course, deliciousness comes with a price – and a hefty one indeed – this set is 1539LE. Order it here.

Warmy Winter Socks at In Your Shoe:


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You’ve must have encountered one of In Your Shoe’s ads that took over the Instagram, advertising the local brand’s massive Holiday collection that brought joy to the feet of every member of the family. The company is now bracing you for winter with its Warmy Winter Socks, whose design comes in various colours, Hot Hibiscus (red), Blueberry Tea (blue), Hot Cinnamon (yellow), and Chai Latte (black & white). A pair is for 99LE, a pack of 3 is 270LE, while a pack of four is 340LE – they have them on sale now. Order them through In Your Shoe’s website.

The Sandbag Erba at The Sandbag:


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Although we cherish our granny’s stoppered container (hot-water bag, or simply Erba), we always have a notion that, one day it will burst, and we’ll end up rushed to the emergency room with second-degree burns.

Wiping our worries away, local brand, The Sandbag, offers the aromatic herb-filled Sandbag Erba that you warm by popping it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. It is 350LE (on sale now, for 300LE) and it comes in three colours; black, navy blue and red.

Order it now through their Instagram account.