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Khoos & Jereed: Beautiful Upcycled Products
written by
Cairo 360

They say the smartest inventions come from the most dire situations, perhaps that’s because of a sheer determination and ability to find beauty and satisfy one’s dreams with the resources available. Such a concept is the drive behind Khoos, a brilliant initiative to recycle the waste of palm trees  into other products of higher value.

The Egyptian Society for Endogenous Development has launched this project which aims to train workers, especially from villages in Al-Minya of Upper Egypt, to produce these exportable products under two companies, Jereed using palm midribs, and Khoos using wicker. The Egyptian Society see this as a better alternative to giving them direct loans, this way they can have a sustainable income.

Khoos focuses on creating products for daily usage, including bags, wallets, and clothing accessories. They also have boxes, table cloths, dishes, and even pendants and vases. All their products are adorned in beautiful, yet simple, colours and shapes.

Jereed, on the other hand, focuses on furniture and home accessories. They have chairs, tables, wall decorations, and even flower pots. Their products are very appealing and quite functional at the same time, all utilizing palm midribs to create a diverse array of products. You can even buy parquet made from palm midribs for your house.

We’re glad to see such initiatives stemming from our Egyptian community, and relying solely on Egyptians from start to finish. Palm midribs and wicker are acquired through local farmers, and all products are manufactured by the qualified hands of well-trained Upper Egypt residents.