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Kickstart Your Bucket List for 2020 with These Planners

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Kickstart Your Bucket List for 2020 with These Planners
written by
Mariam Nowar

(Image credit: Mofkera)

Every new year, there comes a time when we must rebuild our goals and wishes for the new episode ahead of us. Start afresh with a new planner! It can also double as the perfect Christmas gift. Here are a few of our selections…


There are various designs of planners, ranging from dream catchers, pandas, flamingos, owls and more. Each notebook consists of 365 pages, and it comes with in a box with a pencil case, a calendar, stickers, coasters, bookmarks, and a colouring book. It is sold for 140LE, and it is available at various bookstores across Cairo, as well as online.

YM Sketch

Some of the planners have no yearly dates, so you can plan without limiting yourself to a specific timeframe, along with a “monthly reflections” section for your retrospection. It has various designs like ‘The Little Black Planner’, ducks, unicorns and more. It is sold for 175LE. Order online from YM Sketch’s website here.


This year, Mofkera have five main designs that are focused on having more space to write. The daily agenda features 416 pages, and 35 different subjects. The planner’s pages are coloured, specifically one colour for each month, and it comes with a pencil case. Included in the package is a 50-page to-do list, as well as a wall planner, sized 40×60 cm, which has all the year’s holidays. The box also includes stickers, coasters, bookmark, gift card, and a stencil planner ruler. All of this is for 165LE. Find out more by visiting Mofkera’s website here.


The elegant planners feature daily planners (160LE), which come in eight different shapes, and one size of 15×20.5 cm. The weekly agendas (110LE) are sized 13×20.5 cm. Each box comes with a 2020 notebook, 416 pages, colouring book, 12 greeting cards, as well as a calendar for the new year sized 42×64 cm. Find out more by visiting Space’s website here.


Six different designs are available at Noota, ranging from flamingos, classic marble, unicorn, super girl, tropical and mermaid. Each planner is sized A4, with 40 pages, which feature 12 coloured pages, and each page has a motivational message. It also comes with a to-do list for your urgent matters, along with bookmarks, a 52-page weekly planner, three sticker sheets, a wall calendar, and a pyramid calendar that flips every four months. All of this is for 145LE. Order online from Noota’s website here.


The weekly planner for 2020 consists of 176 pages and sized 14×20 cm. The notebook comes with a box to keep it protected all year, a to-do list, and spaces for your shopping plan, as well as finances and wishes. It is sold for 125LE.


Either you’re looking for a weekly planner (260LE) or a monthly planner (230LE), you’ll find it at Dots, who also have a special design (400LE) that suits all ages. All of the planners are in English, and they have sections for dreams and goals of 2020, as well as advices on creativity and motivational notes. There is also a section for monthly revisions and end-of-year wishes. Order online from Dots’ website here.


The weekly planner features 224 coloured pages and comes in a special leather cover. The package includes four sheets of stickers, a wall planner for the year, a coaster and a bookmark, all for 110LE.

Another kind of Marketchino’s planners features 416 pages, which enable you to plan your life and write your notes. It comes with a bookmark, sticker sheet, a monthly planner, a colouring book, a to-do list, a yearly planner, a coaster, as well as a gift card, all for 160LE.

The third kind is a bit pricier, and, with its pink shell, it’s dedicated to girls. You can choose between 24 different designs, and it comes in a box with a leather cover that has a place for your pen and a closing belt. The gifts that accompany the planner are a desk calendar, a coaster, a bookmark, a wall calendar, pencil case, stickers, a discount card, and a box of 30 letters. This package is for 220LE. Order your favourite online from Marketchino’s website here.