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Lazybut: A Socks Brand That’s Redefining Christmas Gifts

Christmas Christmas Box Gifts Lazybut Socks
Lazybut: A Socks Brand That’s Redefining Christmas Gifts
    written by
    Mohamed Raafat

    It’s that time of the year when the weather gets colder, families gather, and everyone buys gifts. It’s Christmas! You wouldn’t be wrong to think that Christmas isn’t celebrated enough in Egypt because, well, it isn’t. But if there is one thing that we do well at Christmas, it’s buying gifts.

    One of the standard Christmas gifts you can buy is socks. You just can’t go wrong with a nice, Christmas themed sock, and Lazybut takes that a couple of steps forward. Lazybut is an online socks brand that doesn’t simply sell socks; they sell an experience. Each sock they create gets its own authentic design, stickers, custom-designed box, and most importantly, a story.

    This year, the guys at Lazybut came up with an idea for the ultimate Christmas gift, a Christmas box that contains ten different items. The box contents include: Three pairs of Christmas themed socks that are made of the highest quality cotton, a calendar, six Christmas stickers to put on your laptop or mobile phone, an 80-page notebook, two Christmas bookmarks, Christmas themed coaster for your cup of hot chocolate, a Santa Clause/Mrs Clause keychain, and finally, our personal favourite, a huge A3 (30cm x 42 cm) Home Alone parody poster that’ll send you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. All of these gifts come with a blank Christmas letter to write your feelings for the lucky person receiving this gift.

    The box costs only 460 LE, so you’re definitely getting a bang for your buck, but if you think you don’t need everything that comes in the box, you can just order socks or stickers. There are 18 different socks and many more stickers that you can choose from. The price is 100 LE a pair, and it comes with free stickers.

    Lazybut put their customers’ experience as a top priority which is why they are on top of the socks creating game.

    You can order your favourite socks through their website or by visiting their Instagram page.