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Local Alternatives: Snacks Edition

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Local Alternatives: Snacks Edition
written by
Christina John
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In times like these, the quest to support 100% Egyptian brands becomes a priority for many of us. We understand the challenges in finding alternatives for your favourite snacks, clothing, and daily essentials while ensuring they are all truly Egyptian-made. But fear not, as we’re here to guide you through this journey! We have compiled and curated a collection of the finest kiosk items, all proudly made in Egypt. Dive into our list of munchies and uncover the perfect Egyptian-made treasures that will help satisfy your cravings.



Flaminco has been a beloved delight of our childhood, especially the original peanut flavour that has our hearts. But brace yourself to fall deeper in love with Flaminco with its enticing range of new flavours, with zesty tomato puffs, sweet chilli puffs, and many more. The new selection offers a variety that promises to impress. With this diverse range, discovering a new flavour to obsess over is inevitable.



Whoever came up with the genius idea of those zigzag-shaped chips deserves a standing ovation from all snack lovers! There is no need to list the mouthwatering array of flavours that Tiger offers, as these treats have been a staple since our school recess days. However, if you’re after a more sophisticated packaging experience, delve into their new Tiger Excellence line. Indulge in the feeling of savouring gourmet chips that could be served at a Michelin-starred restaurant.



Indulge in kettle-cooked deliciousness! We’ve had our fair share of devouring their Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar crips to the point where our gums protested. Our favourite thing about Raw chips is that we have finally stumbled upon a low-calorie snack. We love the guilt-free enjoyment that it offers. If you have never had a bag of these crisps, we highly recommend trying the sweet chilli and their cheddar cheese and shallot flavour.



Let us start by saying that the sour cream and onion flavour is a perfect replacement for Pringles. We suggest trying it with sour cream and guacamole dip during movie night. If you love spicy chips, we cannot recommend their lime fusion flavour enough, with its zest and perfect amount of spice.


Bake Rollz

Bake Rollz have been our go-to snack for years, reliably there whenever we needed a quick, affordable bite. If you’ve been keeping an eye out, you will notice that they have expanded their range, offering a multitude of new flavours and diverse packaging options to suit your preferences. Head to your closest kiosk and buy as much as possible, as demand might make it hard to find soon.