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Local Businesses Founded By Young Entrepreneurs

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Local Businesses Founded By Young Entrepreneurs
written by
Nesrien Abdelkader

Getting a business up and running is no small feat, and doing it before the age of 30 is even more amazing. In Egypt, there’s no limit to the creativity and ambition of our youth, and we’ve got tons of success stories from startups, clothing labels and restaurants. To help foster further growth, we should all be supporting the next generation of moguls. So, here are five local brands run by young entrepreneurs who are conquering the business world. 

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Founders of this wildly popular clothing brand, Tamara Sherif and Dina Tarek, have taken the Egyptian fashion scene by storm all before their 30th birthday. The unisex brand was created by these two step-sisters who have a passion for streetwear, and they designed their pieces with the goal of providing every individual with essential items that maximise style and comfort. 


Not only is she the owner of this adorable mini doughnut business, but twenty-three year old Salma Farag also handles the entire process herself. From taking orders and baking the doughnuts to managing social media, this young entrepreneur does it all while still balancing life as a university student. Indulge yourself with these bite-size treats now! 


When Nabila Rashed, 23, started Catfish almost a year ago, she was aiming to bring a messy, eccentric identity to the homeware design scene. After seeing the shift towards less concrete designs, Rashed developed these organic and undefined pieces to bring to the people of Egypt.  Catfish sells funky mirrors, tables, benches and stools that can be customised to your preference and will add an artsy touch to any room. 


Cairo’s next Asian inspired hotspot was not brought to you by a large international corporation, but rather local twenty something with a passion for good food. Omar Mady, 24, started out catering all day events in 2020 but shifted gears covid hit and and produced his own sauce products. His latest venture is this conceptual urban Japanese joint & bakery that just opened in Maadi and it’s got all your favourites from steaming hot bowls of ramen to delectable dumplings. PanPan is Mary’s “baby” where he experiments and hosts events such as all you can eat, cooking classes and listening sessions. 


Founded by two teens, this brand makes trendy sunglasses and accessories to complement any outfit. Faten Waleed, 18, and Yassin Siliman, 17, are the duo helping to style all the cool kids of Cairo. Shop for gorgeous glasses, jewellery and belts at this online shop.