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Marly Silver: Bedazzle Your Wardrobe

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Marly Silver: Bedazzle Your Wardrobe
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Diamonds are girl’s best friend; although this statement is beyond cliché, women around the world are often unapologetic when it comes to their love of diamonds. That being said, for each expensive item on your wish-list, you’ll find a substitution that will help you create an elegant look, without finding yourself in debt.

In all circumstances, jewellery has historically been a big part of our wardrobes, an effective way for ladies to express themselves and their unique personalities, and even an important aspect of any culture’s heritage. Think we are exaggerating? Well, think about this way, what would Ancient Egyptian history look like without the artistic pieces of jewellery worn by the likes of Cleopatra and Nefertiti? For centuries sterling silver has been a prized material in Egypt for crafting jewellery as well as other items.

While some of us dream about that big diamond rock for our wedding day, we also dream of everyday jewellery that manages to lift any outfit. It’s been proven that jewellery has a significant impact on your outfit. Today, we are here to tell you all about Marly Silver; an Egyptian silver jewellery band that sells amazing and unique pieces.

Marly Silver is a 25-year-old family business, and the store sells all types of silver whether you want Italian, Indian or Afghani, and of course Turkish and Egyptian silver.

Marly Silver houses statement pieces and their Instagram page showcases all their creative, high-quality items. Indeed, their Instagram content is very catchy to any viewer’s eyes. The brand – via Instagram – also does an excellent job of showing potential customers the possible different ways to style any outfit with their jewellery. Each piece seems very easy to dress up or dress down, depending on the occasion you are heading to or your mood on any given day. In other words, Marly Silver definitely have the benefit of versatility on their side.Famous Actors like Heba Magdi and Asmaa Galal can be spotted on their page, modelling Marly Silver’s jewellery. Furthermore, other famous actors have been spotted in their stores.

We all have our dreams, but you know to make your dreams come true, you need to be able to afford them first. So, ladies, maybe it is time to abandon diamond dreams, and take a look at local and cheaper silver alternatives that sparkle just as much as diamonds do.

For information on where you can find Marly Silver’s jewellery, give their Facebook page a visit, or follow them on Instagram. You can also call them on +201029744777.