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Moulid El Naby Treats: Where You Can Get Them & How Much They Cost

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Moulid El Naby Treats: Where You Can Get Them & How Much They Cost
written by
Dina Mokhtar

Featured image via Etoile



Every year comes with the delightful finale, when a procession of seasons comes to get you prepped up for the following year. Now that the trick-or-treating season is over, heads are turning in anticipation for Christmas. Until it comes, let us sit back and enjoy the array of delightful treats that Moulid El Naby brings. Here’s a list of where you can get your hands on some:

Al Abd:

Catering to all tastes and budgets, Al Abd offers a huge range of boxes, which we’ll break down into two categories. The first are boxes numbered from 7 to 1 ranging between 45 and 400, with box no. 7 being the smallest comprising 11 items, including chickpeas, sesame and peanut bars, as well as plain malban.

As for box no. 1, which sells for 400LE, it boasts a more diverse assortment of the treats above, in addition to hazelnut, pistachio and coconut bars. We recommend no.3, which gathers the best of both worlds, but with a more reasonable price (220LE).

The second category is made of 3 colour-labelled gift boxes; The Blue Gift Box (510LE), The Burgundy Gift Box (670LE), and The Green Gift Box (870LE). What makes this category more demanding on the wallet is the wrapping, as well as the quantity of the more expensive items.

If you are just looking for a treat or two, you buy your favourite treat by piece. A hazelnut bar sells for 42LE, pistachio (56LE), almond (41LE), cashew (55LE), while sesame, chickpea, and peanut bars are sold in dishes, selling for 34, 36, and 35LE respectively.

La Poire:

This year, La Poire brings a variety of boxes, whose prices vary according to their weight; a kilo-box sells for 200LE, a two-kilo carton is 365LE, while a tin box of the same weight comes at 400LE. A 3-kilo box is 475LE, while a family box that weighs 4 kilos costs 625LE.

La Poire’s range of deluxe boxes comes with the usual moulid treats, in addition to other interesting items including almond-stuffed dates, ground coffee, and a coffee set. The 900LE carton box has 2.5 kilos of treats, 250 grams of dates, 250 grams of nougat, ground coffee, plus a cup, a saucer and a spoon, while The Jewelry Box (1600LE) has almost the same contents, but with an extra kilo of treats.

La Poire’s fanciest box is The Luxury Jewelry Box and costs a hefty 1950LE, boasting 5 kilos of treats, 500 grams of dates, 500 grams of nougat, a 2-piece coffee set.

Les Dames:

Les Dames offers the all-time favourite items in large bars, including almond (25LE), hazelnut (25LE) and cashew (35LE), pistachio (40LE), while other items like sesame, chickpea, and peanut bars are sold per kilo at the same price (110LE). Also sold per kilo are the plain malban (50LE), walnut malban (220LE), nougat with peanuts (75LE).

If you’re interested in items like harissa and bassima, they are sold per kilo at the price of 170LE each, as well as the coconut bars (160LE).


Simonds has a range of boxes that vary according to their weight and the items included; a regular 1.25-kilo box sells for 150LE, while a deluxe box of the same weight is 250LE; a regular kilo box is for 125LE, while the deluxe is for 200LE. The 3-kilo boxes are 425 and 525LE, and the 4-kilo boxes are 595 and 750LE.

In addition, the Items are sold separately in 100-gram boxes and the prices are as follows: a pack of hazelnut bars sells for 40LE, almond (45LE), chickpea, and peanut are 10LE each, while pistachio bars sell for 75LE, and cashew bars are 65LE.

Thomas Patisserie:

Keeping it simple, Thomas are selling moulid treats separately in packs; sesame, chickpea, and peanut bars are for 12LE each, almond bars sell for 45LE, while hazelnut is 45LE. The place also has an array of flavoured malbans, including pistachio (16LE), hazelnut (13LE), while plain malban and strawberry-flavoured malban are for 4LE each.

Thomas Patisserie also has a range of unconventional moulid items including marshmallow (25LE), toffee (50LE), and meringue (25LE).


If you’re looking for budget-friendly boxes, Tseppas has the 8-item box that sells for 40LE, the 14-item box at 90LE, and the 18-item box for 155LE. There are two other ranges; the deluxe collection that comes in 3 different sizes (small 255LE, medium 340LE, and large 430LE), as well as the high-end collection priced at 585, 890, and 1600LE.

For those who are looking for a specific treat, Tseppas offers several packs of classics like cashew, almond, and hazelnut bars (34LE each), as well as pistachio (56LE). In addition, they have a range of creative items that are sold per piece; green apple toffee (6LE), chocolate with almond toffee (10LE), and toffee sandwich (9.5LE).


Having made a success with ka7k last Eid, Nola, again, widens its scope of offerings with a range of moulid treats that are offered in two boxes; a 1.5-kilo box that sells for 165LE, and another that weighs 2.5 kilos (330LE).

Abu Auf:

The ultimate house of nuts is bringing you an array of nut bars that are sold per piece; hazelnut (24.5LE), almond (21LE), while pistachio and cashew sell for the same price (32.5LE). Other bars like sesame, peanuts, and chickpea are for 13, 3.65, and 2.75LE respectively.

Mandarine Koueidar:

Mandarine Koueidar’s wide range of treats includes various classic bars, including chickpea, and sesame that sell for 6LE, as well as cashew, hazelnut, and almond that come at the price of 20LE each, in addition to coconut (7LE), and bassima (with nuts 13LE, plain 8LE).

The place also offers a range of malban items; pistachio (22LE), hazelnut (17LE), walnut (37LE), raspberry, and raisin, which share the same price of plain malban (7LE). As for their range of nougat; apricot and pistachio is 12LE, pistachio 12LE, and peanut 4LE.


Etoile’s range of boxes is so huge that it might take us forever to tell you about it, so we’ll give you a highlight of what’s waiting for you there: a box of 18 moulid items costs 60LE, a 32-item box is for 105LE, while a 64-item box sells for 205LE. There’s a number of special boxes, including a 64-item box that sells for 450LE, and an 81-item box (560LE).

In addition, nut bars are sold in large packs, including pistachio (60LE), almond (40LE), hazelnut (35LE) and cashew (50LE), while the range of malban treats goes as follows: plain (7.5LE), hazelnut (34LE per 250 grams), walnut (38LE per 250 grams), and assorted nuts (18LE).