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Nary Aref: Just in Time for Wedding Season!

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Nary Aref: Just in Time for Wedding Season!
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Cairo 360

Dresses are a girl’s best friend, but couture is a woman’s dream come true. We came across a unique designer that embroidered our hearts with love, especially since we are amidst a seemingly endless wedding season, and we can not keep up with the sheer amount of events and invitations, and of course the stress of selecting dresses for all those special occasions.

This is why we were super glad to come across Nary Aref; it’s like Aref could see what our ideal dress dreams are made of, and she turned them into reality with her collections and designs. Her page is filled with prints, beads, and pearls. Whether you are the bride or sister of the bride, you will find what you have in mind.

The founder, Nariman Aref, studied design and photography and graduated from the International American University in Richmond, UK. Aref had always wanted to create artistic designs filled with intricate details; indeed, each piece tells a story saturated with both simplicity and intricacy.

Aref also worked with Suzie Turner Couturier, and fell in love with the whole field of couture. She enjoyed the intersection between art, sculpture, conceptual art, and fashion. She also made it to the runway in Toronto and had her own show all to herself. You can find them in Cairo and Toronto.  

It was said on Aref’s page that the “couture collection consists of fine craftsmanship and focus on intricate details using high-quality materials. Any design within our collections is made in a number of limited pieces.” In other words, you do not have to worry about someone stealing your look, or even outshining you. This, of course, is a point of special relevance to brides; brides justifiably want to look unique, special, and elegant, and Aref will most definitely be of help when it comes to all those things.

Make sure you follow Aref on Instagram, check out her Facebook page, and pay her website a visit. You can also call Nary Aref on +20103 0057005, should you have any inquiries.