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Neat Meat: 5 Reasons You’ll Never Want to Use a Normal Butcher Ever Again

Neat Meat: 5 Reasons You’ll Never Want to Use a Normal Butcher Ever Again
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Although we’re in 2017, many Egyptians are still intimidated by the idea of ‘online shopping’. Nonetheless, if you’re suffering from OSP (online shopping phobia), we think it’s time for you to face fears and get with the program – the new way to fill all your butchering-need, Neat Meat.

It’s one of the newest and most unique new ventures to take to the world wide web – a huge, sprawling project that has revolutionised meat-shopping in Cairo for more than one reasons. Five, in fact.

Quality is Everything

Now, every new business venture – whether food-based or not- like to throw around the word quality a little too easily. Neat meat, however, back up their claims with cold, hard, delicious facts. The key to Neat Meat’s quality is the fact that it also functions as a farm and factory, where locally-sourced livestock is raised on a pesticide-free grass-based, GMO-free diet; it’ also never treated with antibiotics or hormones.

Everything and anything is easily stored

Since everything is securely sealed and vacuum-packed, you’ll be able to easily store it in your freezer because the pack is as thin as a package of shami bread, and it’ll stay as fresh as day one. So, no more blood foam plates ruining your freezer, either.

Their ‘ready-to-cook’ products will save you a lot of time

We’re talking beef and chicken shawarma, burgers, hawawshi, oriental sausage, shish kebab, and so much more – it just makes things so much quicker and more convenient and is of an infinitely higher quality than anything you’ll find in the supermarket. It’s not even in the same league.

 The meat is trimmed and cut to perfection


You know that moment when you go home with a plate of beef cubes full of extra pieces of weird-looking and slimy beef and fat? This problem doesn’t exist with Neat Meat’s goods, which are beautifully trimmed by its expert chefs – chefs that are also more than happy to answer queries in regards to what you’re looking for.

It’s all so, so easy

The website is the definition of user friendly and with just few clicks, your shopping list will be delivered to your doorstep. It’s all remarkably simple, straightforward and even quite enjoyable to leisurely browse the different sections. There is one danger, though – it’s also incredibly easy to get lost in a frenzy of clicking, to discover that your shopping list is essentially a sum-of-parts of a whole cow.

You can find out more on the Neat Meat website and Facebook page.