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Nokia E7: Sleek New Age Communicator Coming Soon to Egypt

Nokia E7: Sleek New Age Communicator Coming Soon to Egypt
written by
Cairo 360

Soon to be launched in
Egypt, the new Nokia E7 is more than just a Smartphone; it’s your whole office
and life wrapped into one sleek, elegant and anodized aluminium casing.

Boasting a 4-inch full-touch
display screen with 16 million colours and a ClearBlack display that enhances
visibility outdoors, the Nokia E7 makes work tasks like checking emails and
presentations all the more enjoyable; especially when you can customize its
three home screens to suit your business, entertainment and personal needs.

Although Nokia E7 has
touch screen navigation, it also comes with a QWERTY keyboard; just push and
slide back the screen and behold! Even better, this device offers finger touch
support for text input and UI control, with full screen handwriting
recognition. So you have several options to choose from.

Aside from its full
support of MS Outlook and office tools, and software like Flash Lite 4.0 and
Adobe PDF reader, you can view Adobe PDF and zip files, edit Microsoft Word,
Excel and PowerPoint docs in Quickoffice.  

Nokia E7 is every multitasker’s dream come true: you can have up to 80
applications open and running at the same time! The 1GB ROM memory on this
device allows multiple applications to be open at a time, and the Symblan^3 OS
is synonymous with excellence when it comes to multitasking.

Business today
requires being able to instantaneously connect and share, leaving no room for
wasted time. With this device, connectivity is not only possible, but diverse; offering
Bluetooth 3.0, HDMI, High-Speed USB 2.0, Micro USB connecting and charging
capabilities, USB On-the-Go and Standard 3.5mm AV connecting.

When it comes to
entertainment, the device’s 8Mp camera and 720p HD video-capture capability
offer stunning video quality, while the easy-to-use HDMI connection allows you
to connect your device to your TV screen and view your favourite films and

And last of all, with
Ovi Store, you’ll find the best apps to match your interests and needs, making
the Nokia E7 an even more important necessity in your daily life!