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Nostalgic Snacks for Egypt’s ’90s Kids: Squizz Ice Cream’s Revamped Flavours

Ice Cream mango Mixed Berries Pina Colada Squizz
Nostalgic Snacks for Egypt’s ’90s Kids: Squizz Ice Cream’s Revamped Flavours
written by
Nelly Ezz
Image via Carrefour

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion that transports us back to a time when life seemed more simple and filled with innocence. For many ’90s kids in Egypt, childhood memories are deeply intertwined with favourite snacks that bring sheer joy and delight. The list of nostalgic treats seems endless, from Ho Hos to Mandolin chocolates and Magic gum to Yes juice. Among these cherished snacks, one classic stands out – Squizz ice cream. Now, let’s delve into how Squizz has transformed, bringing back the much-loved flavours from our childhood.


The revitalised Squizz ice cream has received a whole new look while retaining its iconic taste. One flavour that evokes the essence of summer and sunny afternoons is mango. Bursting with ripe mango goodness, this revamped flavour takes us back to carefree days spent lounging by the pool, savouring each delectable spoonful of icy mango heaven.

Pina Colada

Transporting us to tropical beach getaways, the Pina Colada flavoured Squizz ice cream perfectly captures the essence of a refreshing summer breeze. This revamped flavour combines the creamy sweetness of coconut with the tangy burst of pineapple, creating an irresistible treat reminiscent of exotic vacations and carefree moments under the sun.

Mixed Berries 

One flavour that has been causing quite a buzz among Squizz enthusiasts is the Mixed Berries Delight. Every bite takes us back to warm gatherings with friends, where the taste of juicy strawberries, tangy raspberries, and plump blueberries blended harmoniously to create a symphony of flavours. This revamped Squizz flavour is a crowd-pleaser and definitely took the win.

To add to the excitement, Squizz ice cream is now available in convenient five-piece boxes. These boxes come with a bonus — one free ice cream in each box. Whether it’s for indulging in personal nostalgia or sharing with loved ones, the five-piece Squizz ice cream boxes provide a delightful treat that will surely bring smiles to people’s faces. Head over to Seoudi Supermarkets or Kheir Zaman. The revamped Squizz ice cream is flying off the shelves, with people raving over the refreshing taste and the flood of memories it brings with each bite.