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Of Memories and Struggles: The Story Behind Beit Matta’s Latest Collection, The Whirling Fish

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Of Memories and Struggles: The Story Behind Beit Matta’s Latest Collection, The Whirling Fish
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Whether you are familiar with the name or not, or simply not a design enthusiast; you’ve probably seen some of Beit Matta’s unforgettable pieces somewhere around Cairo; they’re simple, colourful, and carry the playfulness of the Egyptian character, without losing the designer’s sense for comfort.

Proudly designed and made in Egypt, Beit Matta has managed to conquer many showrooms, exhibitions, and spaces across the nation in no time. And it was only a matter of time before Beit Matta made it big internationally. In 2016, the then 3-year-old brand stole the show in Mykonos, Greece; showcasing its pieces in DECORD, as well as landing a deal with Myconian Collection, one of the most successful hospitality chains in the city.

This year, Beit Matta has conquered new grounds in The Netherlands, where the brand’s latest collection, The Whirling Fish,  made quite an impression, leading to showcasing Beit Matta’s designs in Riva Living showroom in Hamburg, Germany, as well as Meesie in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

There’s a story behind every collection, and that applies to The Whirling Fish. Peter Matta, the man behind the brand and its chief designer, deems this collection a special one, for the story behind it may not be the happiest.

Thrown into the stormy sea of business when his father passed away, Matta’s hands were so busy that he couldn’t even take the time to grieve. The pain was tucked safely away until another heartbreak triggered all the emotions, which took shape in the form of the swirling patterns that are prominent in the collection.

It has been a matter of sink or swim, which explains the inspiration behind The Whirling Fish, which expresses the joy of finding a way through the darkness. The collection includes flat trays, serving trays, and coasters, in addition to a variety of door and drawer knobs. Beit Matta features The Whirling Fish cutlery items for the first time, as well as the use of genuine pearls in some of the pieces.

Matta is currently taking it up another notch, studying product design in one of the world’s best institutes; the 1935-founded Marangoni Institute. Matta’s story should be an inspiration to anyone going through a rough patch. And yes, eventually, everything falls into place. Check out Beit Matta’s collection here