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Online Grocery Shopping in Cairo: Who, What & How

Online Grocery Shopping in Cairo: Who, What & How
written by
Angie El Batrawy

Sustaining a home and a job in a busy, relentless city like Cairo is no easy task. If you have children, matters are complicated ever further – because in Egypt’s capital, the old adage that ‘there aren’t enough hours in the day’ rings a little too true.

But that wonderful thing called the World Wide Web is becoming more and more a part of daily life in Egypt – even when it comes to grocery shopping. With multiple online platforms ready and willing to deliver your goods straight to your door, it’s a phenomenon that has gone some way to making life in Cairo that little bit easier.

Gourmet Egypt

Needing no introduction, Gourmet Egypt has been around since 2006 and has stores in Maadi, Zamalek, Sheikh Zayed and beyond. Through their website, you can browse all the high-end items they carry, including pastas, vegetables, seafood, chocolate, Australian meats, chicken and dairy. You can even order appliances and utensils, and they also offer recipes on their Facebook page. Check Gourmet Egypt’s delivery schedule or call 19339

Beqala keeps things simple and breaks the process down into three easy steps; select the products you want to buy, put in your information and select your preferred method of payment. They also offer recipes and can deliver you the ingredients needed. If you prefer ordering over the phone, call 16237.

Awfar Market

This website works a little differently. Basically, it’s a delivery service from supermarkets of your choice. These include El Mahmal, Seoudi, Ragab Sons, Spinneys, Carrefour and Dina Farms. After you’ve filled up your cart, you specify the location and time of delivery, and pay on arrival. The delivery is free of charge for a limited time. The website is still in beta phase but the official launch is soon. There is also an IOS app and Android app.

Butcher House

A specialist in prime meats and poultry, Butcher House caused quite a stir amongst Cairo’s carnivorous communities when it launched. They have a store on Road 9 in Maadi, but also deliver throughout Cairo on a schedule you can find here. Their menu has all the prices, and they also sell condiments and toppings and their Facebook page is updated regularly with special offers.

Food Works

Food Works offers an array of frozen products ranging from appetisers like springs rolls and sambousak, to chicken pane, shawerma and even lasagna. They also have desserts like apple pies and muffins. You can order from their website or by phone on 01017050040.


Similar to Food Works, they sell frozen Lebanese and international foods. The difference is that they also have several branches throughout Egypt aside from the delivery service. You can browse their products through their Facebook page, or if you prefer by phone, call 16905.


Offering fresh produce from their organic farms, NGS also sell quirky items like lunch boxes, water bottles and juicers, alongside body butters, scrubs and shampoos. You can reach them through their Facebook page and they’re also on Instagram.

Spilanda Box

Spilanda Box exclusively specialises in fruits and vegetables and promotes healthy eating and living. The name comes from the two boxes they offer; 10kg of mixed fruit or mixed vegetables. To learn more, visit their Facebook page or call on 01155539795.

Dina Farms

Having recently flooded the city with branded stores – find branches here – carrying their produce alongside other groceries, the Facebook page is regularly updated with special deals and offers.

Happy shopping!