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Ramadan DIY Kits to Keep Everyone Entertained Until Iftar ‎

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Ramadan DIY Kits to Keep Everyone Entertained Until Iftar ‎
written by
Dina Mokhtar

Since quarantine started, local shops in Cairo have been providing us with various DIY kits to help us and our little ones while away the long hours at home. Celebrating the season, several local brands are offering Ramadan kits that will keep you and your kids entertained until Iftar.

The Batter Half & Co.:           

The pastry shop offers yet another DIY kit, and this time around, it’s entitled ‘Create Your Own Dessert’ (300LE). The Kit includes Ramadan treats, three different fillings, in addition to various sprinkles and toppings.

The Batter Half delivers, call on 01024488878 (Zamalek), 01145944144 (New Cairo), and 01024577722 (October City).

Mall of Arabia:

In collaboration with RC Activities, Mall of Arabia is offering a couple of DIY Ramadan Kits that can be delivered to your doorstep. Kit A (200LE) includes two crafts; lantern colouring set, and a planter set, and Kit B (250LE), consists of the crafts mentioned above, in addition to a button craft set. 

Take a look at the kits and place your order here.

Sane Egypt:

In addition to its Ramadan-themed DIY Kits (400LE), Sane Egypt offers your kids various DIY sets that cater to all tastes and interests; the Sensory Kit, the Celebration Kit, and the Nature Explorer Kit. Sane Egypt also has a couple of kits for adults; the Tie-Dye Kit (500LE), and the Art Kit (600LE), which includes a canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, and a palette.

Art Café Egypt:

Art Café Egypt’s range of Ramadan Kits is numerous, including the Ramadan Lantern Kit (280LE), the Ramadan Decoration kit (300LE). On Art Café Egypt’s Facebook page, you’ll find various other sets that cater to all age groups.

Science Crafts:

In addition to a range of DIY kits that includes a DIY Catapult Kit (145LE), and a DIY Satellite Kit (125LE); Science Crafts offers a DIY Ramadan Wooden Lantern kit (95LE). Check what Science Crafts has to offer here.